discussion post - New Moon

What made me think about this discussion post is the cover of New Moon Graphic
Novel Part 1 and 2 put together:
Collapse )

And kind of my comment (first part)
"I like this hand reaching for Edward and I get the
symbolism of this whole covers put together
" and also
scarlett71177 comment. You can read it here.

So, my questions:
What did you think about Edward leaving Bella?
Did they need it? This kind of break, see how hard it's for them to be
separated. We know about Bella's pain. Edward's was shown
here by Meyer alone.
Why Bella was hearing Edward voice (okay, we know, never mind) but Edward also
said he was hearing her voice. So, how strong, how fast their souls were
What do you think about New Moon cover (actual novel and graphic one)? Do you
see symbolism?

Do you think Edward has a soul?
What would happen is Bella has really died and well, Edward too. Would they

I think it's enough. Maybe You have some questions?

Unwrap My Heart Update!

Chapter 20 Title: Memories of her Childhood
Character(s): Bella & Edward
Genre(s): Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Rating: Rated: M

Summary: Her heart is wrapped. Not like a present with the pretty red bow that
you can just untie. Its more than that. It's a steel cage that keeps it locked
inside. The heart is still beating, but it loves no more. Can Edward open it?
- M for later chapters