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A question re: the books...

I think this is allowed here... And there are Edward/Bella reasons for me asking in this community, I promise!

So, I'm finally a few chapters into Eclipse (and have been plenty spoiled all ready, so no worries about that!), and I've been thinking - in discussions here, it seems that New Moon is the 'least favorite' of the three - why is that?

Of what I've read (all of Twilght, all of NM, and the first third of Eclipse), I think NM might be my favorite so far! The lack of quality E/B time is, I think, all right because of what we see while they're apart. I think this book is the best example of how Bella cares for him and how intensely he cares for her, I think it shows us in greater detail how they love each other. Am I crazy? Is it the Jake and Bella (I don't think they were 'slashable' in this book, to be honest) that turns people off? Outside of the E/B loveliness, I also adored everything about Volterra, and learning more about Bella in regards to the vampires and the history of the vampires as well...

I don't know, I mean, I know the E/B in this book is "angsty" and normally I shy away from that, but Meyer just did such a good job with it (in my mind) that it worked perfectly and made me love them even more, and thus love the book the most.

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