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So I was thinking...

I was thinking about when Jacob was explaining to Bella about the Cullen's for the first time in Twilight. If you don't remember he was talking about how there were cold ones and how they had to make a treaty with them to not bite or kill any of the humans and for them to stay off their land. Bella asked Jacob something like are the Cullen's cold ones too. Jacob responded with no they are the same ones. So my question is if the Cullen's are the same ones from all those years ago how did they stay in Forks without being recognized? I know it has been a while since I've read the first book but I really don't remember this part being explained. Were they in Forks the whole time or did they move around? Someone please help me with this, it's really getting to me. If this is just a ridiculous question please don't hurt me. Lol. I'm just a little confused.

Thanks to everyone for their answers. It helped a lot.
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