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From Stephenie's myspace (her thoughts on Robert):

I'm sorry the original post here was so terse! I got the call that I was allowed to post the news literally two minutes before I had to leave for an appointment. I just got home and I've been reading through some of the commentary around the fandom about Robert Pattinson.

I want you to know that I am really very pleased about this choice. Robert hasn't been one of the popular fan choices whose faces pop up on my comments page all the time, so I'd never really thought about him in the role before. When I got the news, it took me a little while to consider it (like a lot of you, I was pretty attached to the first person I'd cast in my head as Edward, so I had to readjust for a minute). I looked at all the pictures I could find, finally got around to watching HP4 (which I own, but had never seen before), and I read through the script picturing Robert in the role.

By the time I was done with my research (writing: a line of work where you can legitimately call drooling over hot boys "research."), I was kind of shocked that I'd never considered Robert before. Aside from my dearest Henry, Robert is truly the first person I've pictured in the role who I think can pull it off. The boy just looks like a vampire.

Also, I hear very encouraging things from the people who watched his auditions. They've been at this for months now, you know, reading Edward hopefuls day after day. Robert knocked their socks off; once he read for the part, the search was over. In other good news, apparently there is excellent chemistry between Robert and Kristen (they have all the major actors read together to make sure they fit), his American accent is flawless, AND he's read all three novels!

So YAY! for Robert Pattinson!

Hahaha, he's read all three books.
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