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For Sale

I am a poor college student in need of cash and I am willing to sell off my collection of Twilight merchandise.  Figured I would give you guys the first shoot at buying stuff.  Hoping to sell most of it off together, or a good chuck of items together but I am more then willing to sell single pieces.  If any one is interested I can post photos of my items.  The list that is currently posted is the stuff I can remember, there is a chance I may be updating it once I pull out the box will all the stuff in it.  I am willing to work on prices and shipping.  As people buy items I will cross them off the list.

EDIT: I've added photos

Edward Cullen Fleece Blanket from Twilight - Opened but never used.
Bella and Edward Fleece Blanket from Twilight - Opened but never used
New Moon Fleece Blanket - Opened but never used
Edward family crest wrist cuff - Used
Alice family crest choker - Used
Bella's bracelet from Eclipse - Open but never used
Edward Cullen action figure from Twilight - Unopened
Cullen family crest scarf, hat, and glove set from Twilight - Used once
Baseball cap from New Moon - Never used
Twilight Scene-It - Played once, includes all pieces
Cinema collectible cups from New Moon and Eclipse - Used and washed.
Lots of shirts from all the first four movies. - Sizes small to medium.  All worn and used but well taken care of. 
Twilight and New Moon scripts...not ones from the set.
Bella's green jacket from New Moon - Medium
Bella's Rings - Open not used
NOT SHOWN IN PHOTOS: Twilight-Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtracks - Opened

I'll throw this in for free if anyone wants it...but you have to buy something else. I won't just ship it to you, sorry.

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