T (jewelsonthepage) wrote in lion_lamb,

Winter Header Contest!

Time for a Winter/Holiday header to go with our new community icon!


01. Header must be between 900-950px wide.
02. It must be 350px in height or less.
03. Per request, we ask that headers NOT include animation.
04. It must incorporate the community name (lion_lamb) somehow.
05. TWO submissions per person will be permissible.
06. Header submissions do NOT have to fit the current layout's color scheme - the layout will be changed to match the winning entry.

Everglow is a great resource for HQ pictures.

The deadline is Friday, December 10, at 8AM PST. Voting will begin shortly after. Submit all entries in this post; all comments are screened. Also feel free to leave any questions or comments here. Thanks and we can't wait to see your entries!
Tags: !contest, !modpost
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