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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse DVD commentary details! (R/K)

Rob was in LA and Kristen was in Montreal when they recorded it. They are interacting just like CW and his editor in NM commentary.

Like in Twilight, there are lot of cheeseburger talk in this one.
Rob just had an In-and-Out cheeseburger and Kristen is ‘harboring hostility’ over this because she wants one, too. Oh and Rob has another one by his side…which he finished up through the movie.

Its like a Rob and Kristen radio comedy show with Kristen giggling, laughing and saying “Shut up” to Rob the whole time. Think Oprah backstage interview. Oh and of course, there’s Rob and his different voices throughout.

Bella’s wig was ridiculed throughout the whole time. Lots of “follicle issue” in this film, wig and sideburns. Rob: Why do I have such long sideburns?
Rob: “You look like Damian Marley”
Kristen: “I look like Jacob.

Rob commented all throughout that that there is “too much kissing” in this movie. Lol It only proves he is “prudish and conservative”

More food talk. Shawarmas, butterscotch and chipotle.

They talked about the LA Convention with the girls shouting. “Take your shirt off” and “Bite that pillow”.

Edward is more secure than Rob. He can handle ‘the Jacob threat’, while Rob stays upset.

Kristen said she filmed the entire ‘third wife” flashback scene. She had two braids and wore a fake tan. “I did all those. That’s me.”

Bella’s bed is small. Rob says its “so tiny, its very bouncy, very annoying. Every time my feet would hang at the end and stuff.”

According to Rob, Taylor was not with them because ,”he didn’t want to be here. He has personal things to do. He is working out right now.” Kristen was just laughing

They talk about Bella and Edward’s relationship a lot. Kristen is always defending her character. But the way they bicker is so cute.

They are happy for Anna’s Oscar nomination. They both hated the grad party. Lol

Kristen’s Bella cast, ruined Rob’s toe in Twilight prom scene. “it never recovered.” Lol

Rob talks about Jackson’s lips being an ‘unusual’ color. Some kind of “orange”

A brown or grizzly bear visited the set, and ate blueberries.

Rob hates Jacob. “He is so gross, so brazen. I don’t really like Jacob. Look at him with his tattoo…” Yuck! He is the worst guy in the world.

I won’t give you too much spoilers on the ‘leg hitch’ and the’ proposal scene.’ But there are lots of ‘Aww’ from Kristen while Edward is proposing.

According to Rob Taylor is a sport. “He has his shirt off the entire time, its so embarrassing.”

Kristen and Taylor filmed scenes of their characters as older folks- should have been shown when they were kissing.

They were making fun of Booboo’s name and Kristen realized this and said ‘this is not okay’. They never called him as his character Seth.

Kristen defended Bella’s statement at the last meadow scene.

Memorable Quotes
Rob: “Xavier would make a wonderful hamburger. He is just dripping with spread right now. We’re not in the scene, so it’s irrelevant. He is just running around shouting

Rob: You do a different thing when you get bitten by a vampire, which is so much sexier.
Kristen: Shut up!

Rob: No one cares about girl vampires.

Rob: “The two-headed snake from Appaloosa.”

Rob: I do not get your decision making process to leave here. I’ve got to break up with you immediately. It’s like please don’t leave me…
Kristen explains Bella’s decision: She’s allowed to have other relationships.
Rob: Why? No, she’s not allowed to have other relationships. If I ever saw my girlfriend go around with these bunch of guys with little shirts, bellies out and their fake tanned nipples…fake tattoos.

Kristen: Edward is a little bit more mature than you.
Rob: Mature? Nah
Kristen: He can handle it. He’s a little bit more secure.
Rob: Can I ask you something? Did the weather affect the shooting today?

Kristen: I kept telling her, vampires don’t cry Nikki.

Kristen: The musings of RPattz in the commentary of Eclipse.

Florida Scene. Kristen spoke too soon…lol
R: You were supposed to wear a bikini in this scene.
K: They would never let Bella wear a bikini.

Rob: Peter also uses his wig as a cereal bowl. It’s completely solid.
Kristen: The milk makes it stick in place.

Rob: I think a human army can defeat a vampire army.
Kristen: Really? With guns?

Kristen: I’m kind of a a starer but… When Rob asked her if she watch when people kiss.

Rob: Jacob got you a dog, I got you a $3M diamond. I’m your boyfriend.
No that’s not an actual diamond, you can actually find that in a cracker.

Kristen: There it is, the leg hitch.
Rob: Ooh
Kristen: Let’s see some of that chest hair.

Tent Scene.
Kristen: Look at them cradling.
Rob: Looks like you’re milking him.
Kristen: Like kneading, pushing…

Bella/Jacob Kiss.
Kristen: (teasing Rob) Oh she’s getting into it.
Rob: Shut up.

Edward, Victoria Fight - Bella cuts herself
Kristen: Come and get it.
Rob: Eat it, Uhmm yummy. Butterscotch.
Kristen: chicken.
Rob: Chipotle.
Kristen: This is going to go down in history, Rob. ‘chipotle’

Bella/ Jacob Scene.
Rob: Is that Jacob screaming.
Kristen: Taylor was really good in that scene, but we have to redo the scene so we could see his eyes. (Set was too dark.)
Kristen: See … you still can’t see his eyes.
Rob: How much of his eyes do you want to see? (jealous much Rob- lol)

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