The Invisible Girl (xtalleenx) wrote in lion_lamb,
The Invisible Girl

new oneshot: The Sweetest Thing

Title: The Sweetest Thing
Author: xtalleenx (ThexInvisiblexGirl on

Characters: Bella/Edward, Renesmee - Bella's POV
Rating: T
Spoilers: possibly, to small things throughout the saga.

Summary: Renesmee's first birthday brings about thoughts of regret, sacrifices and eternity. Oh, and there's a cake, too. Bittersweet fluff post Breaking Dawn.


He closed his eyes as if he wished to focus on the inner voice of my thoughts. I concentrated twice as hard to show him there was absolutely no regret in my own heart. Of course, there were moments when the loss of my humanity stung. I would never be able to see my mother again. I could never share Renesmee's love for chocolate. I would never fall asleep knowing Edward was there to watch over me. But those were marginal in comparison with everything else that had happened in only one year. My blood may not sing to Edward anymore, but we had something else now, sweeter than that, sweeter than anything. Renesmee completed our fairytale in every possible way. Her blood sang to both of us, but it was a different song entirely.

Tags: fanfiction
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