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One more way you can relive Twilight

I hope this is okay to post. I saw this and LOLed so hard. I don't know if many are familiar with Dover Publications (any teachers here?), but they have some great stuff for adults and kids; stickers, coloring books, and various books on crafts. I used to order stuff from them all the time. I have a slight obsession with Peter Rabbit and they have a bunch of Beatrix Potter stuff.

I haven't received their catalog for a while until today. I'm flipping through it as I cook dinner and then stop and have to laugh and run to my scanner.

Here's the link to the listing on their website: Vampire Paper Dolls

Is it possible they've come up with every possibility for merchandising?

I wasn't really sure what to tag this as, so I made a good guess.
Tags: etc: apparel/merchandise, etc: others
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