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So this is my first post on here so if the mods find it unnecessary feel free to delete. I don't know what made me think of this earlier today but I wanted to post this so I could hear other twilight experts opinions. With Breaking Dawn soon to come out everyone has been talking about Edward some how becoming human instead of Bella becoming a vampire. I myself think this is a stretch and prefer my Edward served up vamp style. But if Edward was to some how *cringe* become human then what would he sacrifice? We all know that Edward would much rather be human but what if the only way he could do that was to go back to his own time and live out the rest of his live as if Carlisle had never changed him at all? What I mean is if Edward was given the choice to become human the only way he could was to go back to his eighteenth century time period and never have any of the Cullen's in his life at all. Talk about "...it will be as if I never existed." Would he give up Bella? Would he give up the only father, mother, sisters, and brothers that he ever remembered? What do you think?
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