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Not that this comes as any surprise.

Haha, I know all I've been posting is stuff about Edward's casting, it probably seems like I have some kind of obsessive disorder. But I really couldn't resist sharing this. Just let me know if all this Edward stuff is getting annoying, lol.

I found this on the official myspace fanpage for Gaspard Ulliel:

I'm sorry to break it to all those "Twilight" fans, but Gaspard will not be playing Edward. According to Summit, and from what a friend of mine has heard, they have already picked an Edward. However we can not give out this information untill Summit, or Stephanie Meyer herself announces it. We here at Gaspard Ulliel official fan page all really loved the idea of Gaspard for Edward, we too are also very sad!

It's no surprise Gaspard isn't playing Edward, but apparently, the owner of the page knows who they've picked for Edward and of course can't say anything because of legal issues.

This was also said in a bulletin by one of the mods at the Twilight Lexicon:

"Without getting myself into trouble here, as soon as the chemistry is right and contracts are signed and the deal is done 100% sure. We'll post."

So, I have concluded that the announcement is coming really soon. Perhaps this friday isn't a rumor after all?
I guess we'll see. I just think it's exciting that they've picked someone. :-)

The links to my sources:
Lexicon message boards and Official Gaspard fanpage.
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