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'Eclipse' Premiere On June 24th-LIVE Stream!


If you're not going to be one of the lucky few who will get the plush chance to grab, tug, pull and scream at Robert Pattinson (and the rest of his "Twilight" cast members for that matter) come June 24 when "Eclipse" premieres in L.A., then we've got news for you!

Hollywood Crush and MTV.com will be providing an "Eclipse" premiere LIVE STREAM from the red carpet at the Nokia Theater on that hotly anticipated Thursday night (June 24 is only nine days away!). With MTV New's Josh Horowitz — and an accompanying camera crew — on a special platform interviewing all the famous faces as they go by, you'll be able to watch all the action and fashion as it happens. It doesn't get much better than this ... uh unless of course we figure out a way to make our telecast 3-D. Wishful thinking!
So save the date for our "Eclipse" premiere live video (the night of Thursday, June 24th!), and in the meantime, let us know in the comments section below what your biggest burning question is for the cast!

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