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Rob on Ellen Deets

Taken from werkdelusional andpattinsonlife 

Inside Details from Robert Pattinson Visit to “Ellen”

Everyone’s favorite vampire, Robert Pattinson, returned to “Ellen” this afternoon to tape an appearance that will air tomorrow.

Gossip Cop has learned some of the visit’s highlights from a source in the studio:

*** An audience member was blindfolded and instructed to “feel up” three guys to guess which one was Pattinson. She got it wrong.

*** Pattinson told the host he begins shooting Water for Elephants with Reese Witherspoon on Thursday.

*** He jokingly told DeGeneres he got a haircut because he had “nits.” She told him that Americans call them “lice.”

*** Also in jest: Pattinson said People magazine got it wrong — he’s more beautiful than Julia Roberts.

*** Will Smith gave Pattinson advice about presenting at the Oscars: “Don’t try and be funny.” Wait until you’ve done it 6 times.


@m_carina: No kristen questions were asked.he did say he got headlice thats why he cut his hair but he was just kidding

@m_carina: girl got to play a game to see if she could recognize him JUST by touching him, she got it wrong lol

@m_carina Eclipse clip was just angry edward shown on oprah...which lead him to try and explain what eclipse was was cute

@m_carina For a few seconds he had no clue what he was talking about lol

@letter2twilight: Robs hair: looks great. Combed fwd & up. I just wanted 2 touch the shaved back part. Per usual he glowed like other times I've seen him

@letter2twilight: Rob got felt up by an Aussie flight attendent who was part of a game. She had to feel up 3 guys blindfolded & guess which was was rob.

@letter2twilight: The crazy girl got it wrong and guessed the wrong guy!! She felt up rob & guessed the wrong dude! She still got Tix 2 eclipse premierie.

@m_carina: But seriously Rob's hair! Omfg wow soo HOT just sex hair lol

@m_carina: ellen did talk to rob about dancing for the audience, it didnt happen lol OH and Rob did ballet till the age of 10 I did not know that

@letter2twilight: Probs my fave tidbit of info was rob telling us he took ballet till be was 10. Then he realized he was a boy.

@m_carina: The girl could touch ANY part of rob's body except ther face, she failed she only went for the pecks lol, I wouldve gone for the butt

@m_carina: Rob on ballet: didnt like the fact he was the only guy doing it wearing a black leatard lol

@letter2twilight: Rob asked about what happens in eclipse. He doesn't know anymore. There's so much going on.

@letter2twilight: He was asked about water 4 elephants. He starting shooting in la on Thursday. He couldn't remember what day it was.

@m_carina: Oh there is NO CHANCE rob was kidding about ballet...he got scared because he thought ellen had a video of him dancing or a picture lol

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