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Eclipse Movie Reactions

CristalVaca: Just watched Eclipse, it was fucking incredible.
Vivian_Ortiz: Eclipse was amazing! Can't wait to see the final version! Best Movie Yet. :)
@JustSoJazzyDiva: OMFG @Twilight Saga #Eclipse was so freaking good!!! Blew Twilight & New Moon out the water!!! It was AMAZING!! YES!!! The leg hitch was in the movie!!! Suuuch a hott scene!!! :-D and
The Bella and Jacob kiss, she punched him HARD ??? tell me it was!! <~ yup super hard!!
Was there some humor in it? :) <~ Yes lots you're gonna laugh out loud!!! :-)
@JustSoJazzyDiva there was a lot of romance btwn B&E. Theyve left nothing out!!! Team Edward all day!!! I don't want to give it away. But if you've read the books they didn't miss a beat!!! [Alice and Jasper] have waaay more screen time!! U even get to see them interact more w/ each other!
@Courtneex3 OH MY GOD!!!! Eclipse was absolutely AMAZING. Better then both New Moon & Twilight! Holyy crappp =O
@TrendingJB Just saw Eclipse!! AMAZING movie. That's ALL I'm saying.
@TrendingJB There were a lot of stuff that wasn't finished, and one time the wolves were animated. It was hilarious.
@Nicolediscogrll I just saw Eclipse. Oh my FUCKING god. Best movie I have ever see. The fight scenes the love scenes oh my god.
Hands the whole time and cried and omfg. This isn't real. I love you Oprah.
I wish I can talk about the movie but I can't. But you will NOT be disappointed and the love sceenes are fucking HOT. Turned me on a little.
@Shannon_Haile holy fucking shit. Eclipse left me speechless

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