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Hello, my name is Nicole and this is my first post here. I was invited to share my story of my last day on set.

I can't believe it happen, it finally happen after working for soooooo long.

I'll start from the beginning. My friends and I drove to Vernonia on Friday night which is a long drive to the middle of nowhere. We were on this back road when we noticed cop lights and thought someone got into an accident. Then, as we were getting closer, we saw Charlie's cruisers set up on a rig and as we drove past, saw Charlie and Bella inside! As we drove further, we saw the silver Volvo on the side of the road :D even further was the "Welcome to Forks" sign which is an exact replica of the one that's at the real Forks.

(here's a picture from my trip to Forks, WA last month)

Anyway, we eventually saw all the trailers and stuff and pulled off to the side of the road and watched them film Charlie and Bella in the car. So cool. We met up with a crew member we friended and asked him where he thought we should be to see anything. He told us the street we're parked out would be fine but he wasn't sure if the actors would be walking back and forth between the set or just be driven (that's been our biggest obstacle because they can't get their hair and make up ruined by the rain and crappy weather).

We found a corner across the street of where they were filming and met up with our friends from Twilight Viniculum. We watched them set up for a while when we noticed a familiar black car. We asked a PA who was suppose to be on set today and he told us Bella, Edward, Charlie and ... DR. CULLEN! AHH! I noticed everybody on the corner (there was a good number because of the locals) had their cameras and mine has really good zoom so I grabbed Rachel to accompany me to the car.

We walked past their catering truck when we noticed a very familiar head of hair. Rachel and I gasp and look at each other, not knowing what to do. We head back a little bit and saw he walked inside the truck. Anna, Rachel's sister, ran over to us, saying she saw us whispering to each other and saw Rob inside inside the truck. Finally, Rob came out and was shifting through cooler when we approached him asking "Rob, can we have a picture with you really fast?" and he said sure.

Oh my goodness, i'm proud of myself because I formed complete sentences and I was witty and I made him smile a few times. I dazzled Edward Cullen :D. He asked us if we were freezing and we're like yeah and ask him if he was used to it already and he laughed and said no. I said at least you're going back to LA next week and he said he, he said he was ready for something warmer but he liked Portland and I said, it's okay, i've lived here long enough and i'm ready to leave and he smiled again. Everything else was a blur from there on, he sort of smiled at us at the end and said have a good night and I said have a good night shooting.


the picture(s) (we had to take two cause I don't think Rob was ready in the first)

I tell you, pictures and interviews do not do that man justice. He is absolutely gorgeous and his accident is even prettier.

Other than that, nothing too ground breaking. We saw Carlise walk out of the Forks police station and Edward and Bella drive up in the Volvo and talk about something. We were too far to hear anything. They did another scene with Charlie and Bella and Charlie approaches a body bag (we saw human feet sticking out) so we think it may be one of Charlie's friends. They did have a Forks ambulance and a bunch of paramedics around.

Other pictures:

father and son

the body bag

Kristen, Rob and Peter

The set

Rob getting in the Volvo

Catherine, the amazing director!

Charlie with his "stash of porn" (lol, we nick named his mustache)


So, I talked with a few crew members before I left and they said they have a rough copy of the trailer finished and it may be released soon. They are a wrap in Oregon and are moving back to L.A. to shoot some interior shoots.

I have to say, this movie has been a blast yet really stressful for me. I'm glad that they're done and I accomplished my goal of meeting Rob. It's going to be awesome and I can't wait to see this on the big screen (though, i've pretty much seen the entire movie! lol)

the die-hards, are a wrap!

CHECK OUT our podcast at twilightvinculum for more details :) It will be up in the next couple of days
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