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With or Without You

Title: With or Without You
Author: Rochelle Allison
Characters/Pairing: E/B
Rating: M
Category: AH
Spoilers: My stomach aches the way it does when I think about him unexpectedly; an isolated picture in my mind becomes a thousand and then I'm crying again, salt silently slicking down my cheeks.

Time for a break.

The phone rings – it always, always frigging startles me – and I pick it up before it can cry out again, irritated that my precious quiet time, selfish time set aside for weeping and thinking and general self-indulgent melancholia, is leaking away.
Summary: Edward and Bella were once high school sweethearts. Years later, their lives converge unexpectedly, forcing Bella to deal with and accept things she's long since tried to move past. This story started with "Trampoline", once a WitFit prompt.

ch1 -
ch10 -
Tags: fanfiction
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