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California Dreaming

Title: California dreaming
Twilight Character(s): Edward & Bella
Chapter 6 Title:
bathroom Words: 2,040 Genre(s): Angst/Drama Rating: Rated: M Summary: She takes a trip from her predictable, jaded, picture-perfect life to the edge of nowhere. She doesn't care. And it doesn't really matter. Does love conquer everything? Warning: Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll. Link: 1st chapter - 6th chapter Out-take: Bella sounded choked up and said that it wasn't him, that it was meant to be this way all along. She sounded so calm and serene, like I haven't heard her since I came back; like before all this started. She said she was going to stick around no matter what and that she didn't care anymore. She sounded reassured and resigned. The certainty in her voice penetrated me to the bone.
Tags: fanfiction
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