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Chris Weitz talks about Kstew's potty mouth.

She looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but it has been revealed Kristen Stewart is a bad girl on the movie set. Kristen Stewart comes across as polite and fairly quiet but it seems the young actress is anything but, when she gets on to the Twilight set.

New Moon director, Chris Weitz, has revealed Kristen is fond of the odd swear word or ten off-screen.

The director told PopEater: “Those kids have some mouths. Except for Taylor Lautner. He was always very well-spoken.”

When asked who was most guilty of letting out the occasional expletive he revealed: “It’s Kristen by several lengths actually.”

Taylor is clearly the type of boy you could take home to your mum, awwwww, whilst Kristen? Well, we are shocked by her potty mouth antics.

It seems living the rock chick life for current movie The Runaways has had some effect on Ms Stewart’s demeanour!

It is unlikely fans will ever get to witness the air turn blue on the film set though as Weitz revealed: “I don’t think that’s what Summit Entertainment has in mind in terms of extras.”

source via twilightsagafan LJ
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