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A Litany At Dusk Chapter 33 Updated

Title: A Litany at Dusk
Author: duskwatcher
Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: Mature, lemons, adult content
Category: Romance Drama, AU

Edward's been a solitary vampire, hunting on the edges of society. He rejoins his family in Forks, ready to abstain and runs across a young woman praying. A choice must be made between one's heart, one's desires and one's soul. Darkward ExB AU


Chapter 33 Teaser:


"What is that smell?" Bella demanded, her eyes glazing over. She whirled around and raised her face to the wind; this time her movements were quick and predatory. I grabbed her shoulders and tried to lead her farther into the forest.

"You must try to ignore it," I said soothingly. "It will be gone soon. Come with me now−"

"No!" she cried, shaking my arms from her shoulders. "That smell!" She whirled, insanely fast, and started for the house. Unless I stopped her now, that delivery man was as good as dead; self-control was not a strength of newborns.

I leaped at her back and managed to bring her down. Together we rolled on the ground, the grasses bending beneath us. "Bella," I commanded. "Listen to me! You must ignore it, you−"

"Ignore it?" she cried. "What is it? I have to find out what it is." She struggled beneath me. She had the strength of a newborn, and it was only experience that was allowing me to hold on to her.

"Emmett! Carlisle! Help!" I called, hoping they would hear me and help restrain Bella. She was beginning to flail wildly, and I tucked my head down, holding her waist, as we wrestled on the ground.

"Let me go, damn you! Let me go!" She got a foot planted between us, and with a tremendous thrust, she threw me into the air. Swiftly, she rolled on the ground and scrambled to her feet.

She was suddenly slammed back, in a tackle that would have made the NFL proud. Emmett's momentum carried her backwards, and they hit the ground together. Jasper and Carlisle were right behind Emmett, and they pounced on the wriggling bodies as well. I joined them, grabbing Bella's left arm in both of my own, while Emmett held down her right arm as Jasper and Carlisle each grabbed a leg.


Tags: fanfiction
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