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The Runaways Review Post

The movie is out today on limited release, so for those who are lucky enough to have already seen it, here's a review master post. Feel free to use this post to discuss the movie, post your own reviews or simply link to others. Enjoy!

Reviews from Critics
*Excerpts do not contain spoilers, but the full ones most likely do*

"Stewart in short-cropped dark hair and dark clothes is the movie's driving force as Joan Jett." - The Hollywood Reporter

"Its interest comes from Shannon's fierce and sadistic training scenes as Kim Fowley, and from the intrinsic qualities of the performances by Stewart and Fanning, who bring more to their characters than the script provides." - Roger Ebert

"Say what you will about the Runaways -- they never played it safe. The movie does." - Peter Travers

"The movie may be a little too tame in the end, but at its best it is just wild enough." - NY Times

"The problem with "The Runaways," a street-level snapshot of the creation of the groundbreaking '70s all-girl rock band, is that they went with the wrong girl." - LA Times

More reviews @ Rotten Tomatoes

Spoilers will also be in the comments, obviously

I'm sure we'll have other review master posts as both Remember me & The Runaways are released in other countries :)
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