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Kristen Interview with Pop Sugar

Kristen Stewart was up early this morning for Regis & Kelly, then she was off to the Loews Regency Hotel for the press junket for The Runaways. She was still in her tight leather pants while we caught up with her and Dakota, and both girls touched on how close they got to their real-life counterparts Joan Jett and Cherie Currie. Kristen also chatted a little about working with the friends she's grown close to on set, and she also shared a racy tip that Joan gave her on really connecting with her guitar. She said:

On Joan's advice for the guitar: "She was always telling me to connect like it’s coming through you. And considering your guitar is like right here (points to midsection), it really is a weird center — like — the only way I can describe it, and I’ve said it before — she literally sort of told me. . . Why am I doing this right now? . . . The only way I can describe it, and the way she told me to play like her, and its the only way that feels right is like, ‘You have to f-ck your guitar.’ I didn't know how else to say that, I’m sorry!
On working with friends: "It’s a weird thing. It’s rare that you get to work with your friends, and it’s rare that you meet your friends — well, you make a lot of friends on set too."

On Cherie and Joan's friendship and that notorious kissing scene: "It was such a unique friendship, and they rely on each other so strongly. You add a kiss to something and suddenly it’s like, “Oh. My. God. They love each other and they are lesbians!” Like, what?! We got to see them interact now, and seeing them together was really helpful. They turn into the same people they were back when they hung out all the time. So it’s cool, they still really love each other. It’s hard to describe — they’re just really close. They’re really close and they kissed one night."

On the pressure to get the story right: "If we didn’t tell this story right, this would have been the version of The Runaways that people my age would know about. That thought before the movie was over, it drove me crazy. The shoot was very fast, and it was sort of a mad scramble to get everything. Working with Floria was great, because we really had a lot of room to do, and be and live. But at the same time, when you care about something so much, it is scary. She’s a first time director, and I love her music videos. I love the movie, I’m so proud of her, and I’m so proud of everyone involved. This is a different experience — because usually, if the movie’s not good and it doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would, that’s just the way it goes, whatever. But with this, we didn’t have any other option. The guilt that I would have harbored for the rest of my life would have turned my stomach black."

Kristen on Joan Jett: “She’s incredibly proud to be who she is. I’ve never seen anyone who’s completely, innocently confident the way she is. She doesn’t even realize that other people may not be like that. It’s not overcompensation, it’s not like she’s trying to be a certain way.”

On if the film's empowerment themes helped her realize anything about overcoming insecurities: "Everyone has them, so don’t worry about it. I don’t know what to say either — I feel really bad for people who are like 13, or 14. I’m sorry, you’re going to get older! I don’t handle my insecurities very well. So, don’t worry about it — you’ll be fine."

On Joan's guitar playing: "She’s got a really unique connection to the music, the way it just comes out of her — the compulsion to make it, to create the sound, it isn’t something that all musicians have. The fact that she never started playing lead guitar... She wanted to play rhythm guitar, she wanted keep the music going, she needs it."

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