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Vid: My Eyes - A Twilight Duet

My Eyes from the Dr. Horrible Soundtrack
Summary: The Twilight duet - A look at the movie through both Edward's and Bella's eyes, showing the different perspectives they have on the world and themselves. Part one is Edward's POV, which is filled with turmoil and darkness. The 2nd part is Bella's POV, which is nothing but daisies and sunshine. And finally, the third part is both of their perspectives/takes on the same events. I wanted to make this vid ever since reading Midnight Sun, which I utterly adored because I loved being able to see a different take on the same scenes that I first enjoyed (plus I related to Edward's observations more than Bella's). So this is my vid showing what completely different worlds they live in - they both see the world through very different eyes.
Program: Sony Vegas

Watch and Download at my LJ
Tags: fan videos
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