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Experimentation 10: The Wedding
Author: Wopt70 (simplesongsnsilence on
Rated: PG-13, M overall
Summary: The wedding.
Disclaimer: I disclaim
Long ass authors note under the cut, my bad.

Hi all,
Sorry this took me a little while. I had spring break last week and I went to Spain, which was pretty sweet, but I did find time to write this in my journal… just, no computers.
Okay, so one thing before you all read, it might be interesting to know about me:
I hate weddings. I hate marriage, I hate the whole concept. it drives me absolutely crazy. Basically I hate that you have to have a legal document to prove that you love someone. Or that God has to recognize your love for it to be a real love, or whatever it is. Basically, I hate weddings. So this was quite a stretch for me. And you can probably tell, a little bit. My feelings are with Bella on this one.

That being said, you all are the best readers ever. I think you’re all incredible, and you make me feel so incredibly special, especially for sticking with me. It really makes me feel good about myself, and my writing, and I’m so happy to have you all. That being said, feel free to recommend this to others if you feel like it, because I love the support and want to meet more people.

Sorry, that’s super super long. Onto the wedding! Unedited, cause I’m a little lazy an have been watching the Runaways trailer nonstop and cant be bothered with spelling and stuff..


It’s my wedding day. Our wedding day. Our day.
… Mother. Fucker.

Excuse me for being crass, but panic has officially set in. Even with Alice making me wear my wedding shoes—four inch heels (“Are you insane, Alice?” “You will NOT make him bend that far to kiss you, Bella, not on your wedding day. And it isn’t proper for him to pick you up. So deal.”)—I’m sure everything is going to go wrong on my part. Tripping, sneezing on the cake, Charlie changing his mind…

Alice has begun to panic as well. I sneezed once this morning and she force fed me two vitamin C tablets and five glasses of orange juice. The result has been me peeing a lot, and the pee being bright orange. Splendid. Thank God Esme finally intervened before she managed to brew some other awful potion to ensure my health. She was irritated because since we invited Seth, she can’t see how everything will go exactly.

I’ve been up since nine, and Alice has power-showered me, blasting my hair with incredible water pressure to get it extra clean, and scrubbed, lotioned, and buffed every part of my body. She wouldn’t even let me shave myself… anywhere. How’s that for sisterly bonding. There really are no boundaries for her. Still, I was impressed with the job she did, seeing as she couldn’t have had too much practice herself.

The wedding is in at four, and I haven’t seen Edward since ten last night. If his sister wasn’t so keen on tradition and forcibly keeping him from me, I don’t think he’d have stayed away. The look in his eyes last night told me he didn’t want to leave me even one second, and here we were, fifteen hours apart, me in a total panic. Alice was still making me wear the damn shoes (if they weren’t so pretty and expensive, I wouldn’t put up with them, I’d go barefoot), telling me to pretend I lived in them. Please, only if I wanted to die in them. I was glad I was sitting, because with the amount of shaking my legs were doing, I don’t think I could stand up. Dancing would be interesting.

Alice was now attempting to do my makeup, which was proving quite difficult, because I kept twitching.

“Bella, you can shake your leg like you insist on doing, but if you twitch your shoulders one more time…”

“I can’t help it, if I stop moving, my body will just give up and I’ll go comatose, I swear.”

“I’ll give you comatose…” She muttered.

So I tried. I closed my eyes and remembered yesterday, when Edward found me walking around the house in my wedding shoes, the only part of my outfit he was allowed to see, and how he’d subsequently gotten quite excited and carried me, shoes and all, to the rooftop, where he’d rid me of my sweats (yes, sweats and wedding shoes, I’m the epitome of classy) and… fill in the blanks. My legs with those shoes hooked over his shoulders, his face buried in my center, fingers working me, me writhing and moaning desperately until I cried out my release torturous amounts of time later. Just as I was about to make a gay joke about Edward being turned on by shoes, he’d gathered me up and moved me, explaining that Alice was mentally screaming at him for almost getting the shoes dirty. So we finished in his room, several times. It was marvelous. The shoes stayed on.

“There, perfect.”

I snapped back into reality with a jump. Alice scoffed at me. “Okay, I just have to do the mascara. Look up.”


There were literally only 46 minutes and fifteen seconds until Bella would walk down that aisle, into my arms. A whole lifetime of waiting and now… It was thrilling.

I felt a little bad, I must confess, because I was only starting to get dressed when I knew Bella had been up there for hours. I’d talked to the minister, exchanged a few words with Charlie and my father, gotten attacked with kisses by Esme and Carmen, and helped set up. From the glimpses I’d been sneaking of Alice’s mind, I was surprised to not hear screaming.

“Hey man.” Emmett said, coming into the room, already dressed as the best man. “How are those feet?”

I smiled. “Frozen, but unrelated to my feelings about today.”

Emmett kept me company while I dressed, chattering away nonsensically. Just as I finished buttoning my tux, there was a knock at the door.

“Yeessss?” Emmett got up to answer it, then held it open for a bewildered looking Charlie. “Hullo chief!” Emmett said, showing him to a seat on my couch. “Ready to have five more children in law?”

“Ignore him, Charlie. Please, sit.” I smiled, sitting on my bed as he took the couch.
Charlie sat and observed the room. He looked at all the music and smiled. “You know, I’ve never heard you play live, but that CD you gave Bella… you should go to Julliard or something for that.” I shrugged. “Well, I guess there’s still time. So. You know I’m not good at these things, so I’ll just spill and save myself the embarrassment.” He extended his hand and dropped something into my waiting palm. “They’re my grandfather’s cufflinks. I wore them on my wedding day, and though they didn’t grant me much luck, they did him, and maybe it’s one of those things that skips a generation, you know?” I nodded, looking at the silver cufflinks in my hand. Each one had a simple bronze star in the center.

“Of course I’ll wear these, Charlie.” I said softly. “It’ll be an honor.” I stood to shake his hand, and was surprised when he pulled me into a tight hug.

“Take care of her. Just take care of her, and I’ll forgive you for all that other shit. Just treat her like the queen she is, because no one ever really has.” He said, and I swore I smelled tears. “She took care of her mom, and she took care of me. Now it’s time for someone to take care of her.”

I gripped him tightly. “I promise, Charlie.”

We broke away, and Charlie huffed awkwardly. “Well, I’d better go see my little girl, while she’s still mine.”

I smiled, surprised at the level of emotion I was suddenly feeling. “She’ll always be yours, Charlie. She’s keeping the Swan part of her name as well as adding mine.” I said. “She’ll just be a little bit mine as well.”

Charlie chuckled. “Yeah, I think that was the problem with Renee. She was never anybodies but her own.” He paused. “Look, Edward, I’m going to tell you something, and then I want you to tell me something.” I nodded curiously, but refrain from reading his mind. “Bella was born premature, two months premature. But we told all our friends and relatives that she was only one month. You get what I’m saying?” I did, but he continued on anyways. “We had to get married to cover up the scandal of a young unmarried pregnant girl. We married real quick and no one was ever the wiser.”

“So wait…” Emmett burst in. “Bella was an accident?”

Charlie nodded solemnly. “That’s not to say I didn’t want her with every fiber of my being, but I just didn’t feel right rushing into a marriage for that reason. So if you’ve got anything to tell me, Edward, I’d like to know.

I stood for a moment in stunned silence before answering. “I’ve got nothing to tell you, sir.”

Charlie smiled, and patted my shoulder.

“Does Bella know?” I asked, staring out the window, trying to imagine a world where she’d never even been born. Never existed. It was almost worse than dying young. What a terrifying thought. It made her seem all the more precious for being born at all.

“No. Nor does she know that Renee almost didn’t go through with the pregnancy. And she doesn’t need to know. Not now, maybe not ever. I love that girl with all I have, she was never unwanted to me.

I nodded and whispered. “I won’t tell her.” Charlie thanked me and left the room.

“Woah…” Emmett breathed, breaking the ringing silence.

“Yeah.” I replied. “I know.” We sat in silence until Carlisle came to get us, ten minutes later. Fully dressed with hair as tamed as it would get, I went downstairs to greet guests. Around ten minutes before the ceremony began, everyone was in their seats, and I took the time to notice the atmosphere in all it’s elegance, and check some of the guests minds.

Wow, Edward looks so breathtaking. And the decorations of this place… how did they get those garlands on the ceiling, it looks too high for a ladder. It almost makes me want to get married, just looking at it. Angela was always a safe place to start, as her thoughts were always genteel and friendly.

Renee came scurrying down the stairs and winked at me. My, he’s so good looking. What a pair they’ll make, Bella doesn’t look so plain today… I blocked the mental image before she could formulate it, wanting to be surprised.

Wow. Edward, just… wow. Him in a tuxedo is delicious. Why can’t I be the bride? Jessica’s feelings were still a little hurt, but she was happy to be here, and she had not one bad thought about Bella in her head.

I’m so happy for you, Edward. You got your happy ending. Esme, of course, who was beaming at me from the front row.

I looked down and smiled as Emmett took his place beside me. The talking had begun to settle, and the air was charged with anticipation. I could hear her hummingbird heart, and it calmed me.

Then, the music changed, and the march rang out. With it, I felt my chest swell as my sister skipped into the room, beautiful and happy as always.

And, with a whisper of silk, there she was. Her face was cast downward towards the stairs as she stepped carefully, gripping Charlie’s arm tightly, her hair laden with pearls and flowers. Once she got to the bottom of the steps, she looked for me, and my heart soared from the sight of her. Her pale skin was creamier than ever, while still showing a few of her sweet freckles, and the pink blush that lit her cheeks. Her eyes were dark near the lashes and faded to a soft grey, bringing out the hints of green in her eyes. The dress was just of my time period, with lace and embroidery, and it fit her perfectly. She looked divine. My angel. She wore no veil.

She was smiling at me, and I found I was absolutely beaming back at her.

The crowd was awed (rightly so) as she carefully made her way down the aisle in those damned shoes, and all I heard in my head was “wow,” ‘Oh my Gosh…” “So beautiful.” “wow.”

And then she was here, and Charlie gave me her hand with a knowing look and watery eyes.

Those moments were incredible. I held her tiny trembling hands in my own, lost in her gorgeous eyes, completely gone. I was barely able to rouse myself to say those two words on time, much less recite my simple vows, but I did it, and so did she.

And as our lips touched, I felt entirely human, and yet more immortal than ever before. Humbled, but only by surpreme reverence.

She was now mine.

As we walked down the aisle together as man and wife, Bella blushing and laughing in relief, I felt the strongest urge to pick her up and carry her out, so that her feet would never have to touch the ground, and everyone would know she was really mine. I resisted… barely.

We went into the backyard to the tents, where the guests began to line up to congratulate us. I made sure Bella sat, because she was trembling from either shock or relief, but the smile on her face told me not to worry. She leaned against me as we sat together, welcoming our friends. I couldn’t stop touching her, and pressed kisses to her face every chance I got. She would blush and smile and lean into me, while thanking a school friend or one of Charlie’s co-workers. I resurfaced from my happy daze only long enough to be polite, but really, I found that I hardly cared about rudeness.

Food was served buffet style to make it easier to hide the fact that some of us wouldn’t be eating. Alice brought Bella and my plates, mine much less filled than hers of duck, chicken, and other delicious looking foods. I insisted on feeding Bella from my plate, much to the photographer’s delight, who snapped photo after photo of Bella blushing as she accepted food off my fork. The guests would chuckle and coo, and I would thank her with a kiss.

About halfway through the meal, a slideshow movie was projected onto the back of the main tent. It was mostly a compilation of photos of a young Bella and some of me, looking the part of an awkward fifteen year old. These were interspersed with a number of videos of the two of us, some that I don’t even remember being taken. It was simple footage, like the two of us on a couch watching Humphrey Bogart and Marlon Brando, me whispering the words into her ear as she giggled, or of times we’d tried to dance together, and she’d just cling to me desperately as I swept her around the room, her laughing. There was one from Mike’s party that I definitely don’t remember being taken, where I was in the pool and she sat on the ledge, arms around my chest from behind. Another one I did remember was of me cooking for her while she filmed me, and then me filming her eating. I was immensely glad for these all of a sudden. She was so very alive, happy, and human in all of them.

Her childhood photos were adorable and wonderfully awkward, a little girl with books on her head, eyes rolled up to look at them, one of her in rollerskates on the ground, looking embarrassed, cooking, making cookies, fishing with her dad. I kissed Bella’s head, pulling her even closer.

“A toast.” I heard Carlisle say, and turned to see him standing with a glass. “Edward was always a quiet boy. When I first met him, he rarely smiled, but he had a sense of wisdom to him that was way beyond his years. I never quite understood it. He was so mature, always. There were only two things that he really loved more than anything. One of them was music, of which he became a master and blew us all away with his affinity for. The other was Bella. The day she came into his life, everything changed. He never stopped smiling so long as she was on his mind, and he was truly happy, just from thinking of her. She completes him in a way I’ve never seen with any other couple, ever. What more could a father ask for his son?” He raised his glass. “To Edward and Bella.”

There was applause and drinking, and then Charlie stood, looking abashed and uncomfortable after Carlisle.

“My little Bells.” He said, looking Bella deeply in the eye. I could already smell the salt of her tears, and hugged her closer. “God, you were always such an adult. I love you more than life itself, and the day you came to live with me was the greatest day of my life. I’ve only ever wanted your happiness, and if this guys gives you that, well alright. It’s alright with me. I remember, one time you came to visit me, we went fishing and you fell in the river. You were fine and we got you out pretty quickly, but I remember thinking ‘God, she’ll never forgive me for that. I’ll never forgive myself for that.’ But by that evening, you were all hugs and kisses, and kept telling me to stop berating myself, and I seriously had to stop and wonder how big your heart was. And I know, now, that it’s bottomless. So…” he cleared his throat. “now, I’m gonna let someone else watch over you, who I believe is just about as good for you as any man could be. Don’t let her fall, Edward. She’s all I got in this world.” He nodded at me, and sat down as people applauded him.

Bella sniffed beside me, and subtly raised a finger to clear a tear from her eye before it smudged her makeup. She then turned to me and accepted a kiss, looking incredibly emotional. The toasts continued, some of them sexual and goofy (like from Emmett and Jasper, the comedians of the party) and one of Renees that turned out to be more about herself than anyone else in the end.

Just as Alice was about to call for the first dance, a low throat clearing was heard. My brain instantly registered the mental voice and I smiled.

“I’d like to make a choice as well, if I may.” Bella gasped, her hand flying to her throat, and I turned her to face the entrance of the tent, where Jacob stood in a hastily put on dress shirt and trousers.

“Jake…” Bella breathed, tears filling her eyes. I hugged her closer to me and kissed her temple as Jake began to speak.

“Yeah, um… I just wanted to say, Bella’s an amazing girl. Maybe the best. And she’s an amazing judge of character, because she realized that Edward was a great guy when everyone else still judged him. So basically, I just wanna say, I’m happy to see you guys happy. You deserve it. And I know Edward will do what he can to keep you that way, Bella. Thanks.” Jake finished, and people applauded as he made his way towards us. Bella jumped up and staggered her way over to him, throwing her arms around his neck. He picked her up, trying to be careful of the dress.

“Oh Jake…” I heard her whisper, her voice full of tears.

“Hey, Bells.” He replied, burying his face in hair.

I stood up, going over to shake his hand as he set her down, then pulling him into a brief hug.

“Thanks for coming, Jacob.” I whispered, and he pulled Bella to his side, looking at her adoringly.

“I saw the end of the ceremony.” He said, smiling at me. “But unfortunately, I was naked, and probably would have caused a scene if I’d interrupted. But it was beautiful.”

“I can’t believe you’re here!” Bella laughed, hugging him again, holding back her tears. “As cheesy as it sounds, now everything is perfect.”

“Have some food, Jake.” I added, seeing Alice tap her foot impatiently. I put my hand on Bella’s shoulder. “I think we have to go dance, Bells.”

Bella blushed. “Oh, God, I probably messed up my makeup and everything.”

I tucked a few errant curls back into place and smoothed out her skirt. “Perfect. Indescribably beautiful as always.” Bella blushed redder and leaned up to kiss me.

“Thanks, charming.”

“Call me prince.”

“First dance!” Alice called, and we walked onto the makeshift dance floor in the middle of the tent. I saw Bella take a deep breath before she turned to me, causing a few people to laugh fondly, Jake being one of them. Then, one of my recordings of Clair de Lune slipped from the speakers, and I brought her too me, and we began to dance. Bella was much improved since the first time we’d danced like this, but her heels made it difficult for her, so I did most of the work. Not that I minded in the least, rather, it allowed me to hold her even closer. Occasionally I would let my lips touch hers, or linger on her temple or neck, and the cameras would go crazy. Bella would giggle in embarrassment and hide her face in my lapel, which also made people coo in delight.

“You look like a dream.” I whispered in her ear. “But nothing in my ancient imagination could ever come up with something so perfect, and make them mine.”

Bella smiled at me, pulling herself to my level by the arms around my neck. “Yours. Officially now. Not that we ever needed it to be.”

We danced and kissed in utter bliss until I felt Charlie tap my shoulder.

“Excuse me, son, but I’d like to dance with my little girl one last time before entrusting her to you.”

I nodded and stepped away, then turned towards Esme who was waiting, looking like she was about to cry with happiness. Esme and I danced slowly, similarly to Charlie and Bella, as she flooded my mind with her happiness and thoughts on the ceremony. I held on to her tightly, feeling happier than I’d ever been.

The dancing continued on for quite a while, constantly trading partners, but always finding each other again. Finally, just as I was sure Bella’s feet would give out, we cut the cake and fed each other, Bella spreading most of the icing on the outside of my mouth, and me focusing more on the taste of her fingers than the taste of the cake. Bella seemed to enjoy it though, as she then kissed the remaining icing off my face with a giggle.

All the traditions were followed. Angela caught the bouquet, much to her horror. Bella was allowed to sip at champagne under the watchful eye of Charlie. Jacob danced with Renee, and got a little more for it than he bargained for. Red-faced and a little scared looking, he came back to talk to Bella, and I went to talk to Emmett and Jasper, who were taking advantage of the drunken guests.

“Aw, lookit you, Edward!” Emmett called. “You’re so grown up, I swear it rings a tear to my eye.” I rolled my eyes, then, while keeping an eye on Bella, let them indulge me with funny stories from the evening.

Minutes later though, I saw Emmett’s face contort, and he spun me around to see Jacob racing towards me. He face face to face with me and grabbed my shirt.

“Are you crazy?” He said, pushing me against the wall. We were in a secluded part of the room, so no one was noticing our interaction. Emmett growled and put his hand on Jacob’s shoulder. “You’re going to sleep with her? You’ll kill her.”

I sighed. “It’s what she wants. Besides, we’re not starting from scratch anymore…”

“It’s won’t matter, you idiot. You’ll hurt her. Cats can’t breed with cougars, it doesn’t make sense!”

I shrugged. “I’ve prepared myself. I think I can take care of her, and if it doesn’t work, then I’ll stop.”

I saw Emmett throw Jasper an uneasy glance, which Jasper didn’t return. He was still staring at Jacob, livid.

Jacob snorted and turned away, and behind him stood a concerned looking Bella. I reached for her and gathered her into my arms. “Your feet must be killing you, love.” I whispered.

“I didn’t mean to tell him.” She murmured, pressing her face to my chest. “I’m sorry.”

I kissed her, touching her soft cheeks. “It’s okay. We’re okay. We’ll show them all.”

Bella smiled. “Good. Then yes, can I get out of these shoes? They’re murdering me.”

To the guests delight, I picked her up, carrying her giggling up the stairs to a waiting Alice, who would change her into her getaway gear. I shook hands with the remaining friends and guests and thanked them for coming, accepting their congratulations and compliments on the ceremony. Carlisle came up to me and hugged me tightly.

I’m so proud of you, son. You have no idea.

I laughed. “You think I can do this?” I whispered.

He nodded. Remember, she’s a small girl, she’s bound to feel some pain at first. Just be patient and wait for her.

I nodded and hugged him again, then looked up to the stairs as I heard Alice mentally shout TADA!

If possible, Bella looked even more beautiful, dressed in a sleek halter dress in my favorite color on her, her hair still adorned with pearls, but hanging in soft waves around her face. She wore soft ballet flats that probably felt wonderful to her feet after those heels. Still, she walked gingerly down the steps, and once she was within reach, I picked her up bridal style and spun her around, kissing her deeply.

I set her down only so she could say goodbye to Charlie.

Their exchange was simple but heart-wrenching in a way I’d never quite seen. Charlie cupped her face, staring at her, before kissing her on the cheek and hugging her tightly, burying his face in her hair. They rocked to and fro gently before Charlie finally cleared his throat and gestured to me.

“Go on, Bells. Have a good time. Be safe.”

“I love you, Dad.” Bella whispered, taking my hand again.

“Love you too, baby. With my life. Now go, go live your life.”

She nodded and turned to me, a watery smile on her face.

I set her gently in the Aston Martin, and we were off, her waving to our family as we drove off, her tiny hand encased in my own. She then turned to me, smiling, her eyes bright.

“So, my dear husband…” She said breathlessly. “Where are we going?”

I chuckled, and leaned over to kiss her.

“My dear wife, you’ll just have to wait and find out.”

Bella pouted, so I kissed her again.

Thanks for reading!
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