Ree (reetinkerbell) wrote in lion_lamb,

Edward's Rebellious Period

We all know that when Edward had his rebellious period, he only went after other, human predators. And while he doesn't drink human blood any more, do you think this means he simply ignores the evil he must still hear in other people's thoughts (even if he knows they either have or will perform the evil act of their desire again and again until they are caught) or do you think he tries to do something about it? He doesn't want to be a monster, but does that mean he lets other monsters get away with what they do?

And if so, do you think he feels bad about it? Evil for letting them carry on while pretending he doesn't notice, when he knows the hurt they're causing?

And if he does do something about it, do you think that means killing the predator (if there is no other way to help his victims)? Would the rest of the family support him (as long as he didn't actually drink the blood) considering the history of some of them?

Do you think it's wrong of him to ignore the evil, or do you feel that he's doing the right thing (for himself and his family)? And while it's not his job to rid the world of human predators, he can hear their thoughts. Shouldn't that at least make him think twice about it?

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