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Kristen's TYH co-star William Hurt opens up about her

So what do you make of this three-ring circus that surrounds Kristen Stewart wherever she goes?
I’ve defended her in public as regularly as I can. I think it’s absurd, that they’re not giving her a break. I think that she’s holding her own, that she’s courageous, that she’s inventive, and that she’s got character oozing out of her, and I say, “Give her a break. Who is she to pander to your idea of what she’s supposed to be?” She has every right in the world to express herself exactly as she chooses to, and she’s got a lot of surprises up her sleeve. Why won’t they give that woman a break?

If you were starting out right now and you were her age, do you think you’d be able to withstand all this pressure?
I couldn’t take it. No. My route was categorically different from hers. I have to study something for fifteen years before I take a risk, and then I take a very calculated and big risk, but I really have to work hard before I jump. I do jump, but I look at where it can make the most impact. [Kristen’s] route may be different, but the ends might be the same.

You know, we were discussing preparation for a role earlier—
She was one of the ones who prepared the most! Kristen and I worked together great, and so did me and Eddie [Redmayne]. We had two weeks of wonderful rehearsal on this project, and that’s why it’s a good film. [A publicist enters the room] Excuse us. [“One more question,” says the publicist. Hurt raises his voice.] Come on! Give us a break. We’re just getting started.

The rest of the interview here at the source.
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