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You Were Mine All Along 9/30

Title: You Were Mine All Along 
Author: xtalleenx (ThexInvisiblexGirl on
Chapter: 9/30 - Bella's POV
Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: T
Summary: AU/AH. 3 years after If You Were Mine: Things between Edward and Bella can't get more perfect. But what happens when Bella gets the chance of a lifetime, and must choose between her love and her career? 

** Make sure to read If You Were Mine first - find it here

 Chapter One  |  Chapter Nine

Chapter preview:

All in all, I loved being a part of the company. But in a way, being a part of an ensemble had its limitations. Even as mere extras, we had to attend every rehearsal, of course. When we were given a combination to work on, everyone had to follow the same choreography. Sometimes it felt like we were part of the same entity. Like a wolf pack, I guess, sharing one mind and operating according to it. I understood the purpose. I didn’t resent this routine, as tedious as it had become at times. I knew it trained me to be a better dancer; it provided me with professional discipline in a way Juilliard could never do. And yet sometimes it was frustrating because I felt I wasn’t given a chance to express myself and my skills as a dancer, not in the same way soloists and the lucky people up the pyramid could.

** banner under the cut - huge thankyou to mizra ! 



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