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Shameless FanFic Plug - Crossing the Line

I have had readers recommend that I post on here to get word out about an AU fanfic piece I am writing just now. Just recently posted Chapter 5. Hope you all swing by and take a look and if you do, make sure to say helloo!!

Title: Crossing the line
Author: duckindistress
Characters/Pairing:All Canon, ExB
Rating: M/NC-17
Category: AU

Summary:All hell breaks loose when a new headstrong werewolf imprints on a vampire. This is the story of what happens when they break all the rules and cross the line.

Spoilers: ... I reacted to the stranger's question in the only way I knew how. I ran. I ran away phasing quickly and running toward home. I did not hang about, I was in a full out sprint in seconds, using every ounce of my new found strength and agility to pump my muscles until I was running faster than I even thought I was capable of. The only problem was that I could sense something giving chase. I chanced a look behind me and saw a blur streaking up on me. What? How? Whatever it was, it was moving so fast that I could not make it out. It had to be him, but how could he possibly catch me?

In less than a heartbeat the blur was level with me. I put on the breaks, casting my anchor by sinking my claws into the damp earth and skidded to a halt. The blur shot past me and turned around and came to stop in front of me. Sure enough, it was him. I was panting, and he was not even out of breath. His jaw was clenched as he approached me. I shook on the spot and phased in front of him.

I should not have stopped. I should not have phased. I should have kept running and never looked back. Instead, I stood there asking him the very same question.

"What are you?"
Tags: fanfiction
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