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Kristen talks about how she first heard of Rob.

I LOLed at the incestuous comment.

Kristen reveals how she first heard of Robert

While speaking about her latest film, titled ‘The Yellow Handkerchief’, Kristen Stewart and her co-star Eddie Redmayne reveal how it was Eddie who first told Kristen about Rob:

“Randomly, at the end of [filming The Yellow Handkerchief], you were about to do ‘Twilight,’” Eddie said, turning to his “Handkerchief” co-star Kristen during Access’ interview. “I had known Rob since I was [younger]. So I was like, ‘Yeah! You’re working with my mate Rob!’ You’re like, ‘Really? What’s he like?’ I was like, ‘He’s a good boy.’”

Kristen said although she first attempted to find out more about her “Twilight” co-star from his pal, she realized Eddie’s lips were fairly sealed.

“I sort of got from [Eddie] that they were friends for a long time and he wasn’t going to say anything bad about him. Even if there was something bad, it was just sort of like, ‘Yeah, it’ll be good,’” Kristen laughed.

Eddie confirmed he and his British boys club buddies stick together, a group that includes Eddie, R-Patz and “Vanity Fair” actor Tom Sturridge.

“They’re like, so almost incestuous,” Kristen said.


“It is incestuous,” Eddie laughed. “Rob and Tommy Sturridge and I – we’ve all been at it for a while now and it [is] so funny what happens when you start doing the jobs and you work with other people and you realize the whole industry is incredibly incestuous.”

While Eddie didn’t have his triumvirate on set with him on “The Yellow Handkerchief,” which also stars Maria Bello and William Hurt in a troubled love story, the Brit was taken into a new group – the Stewart Family.

Due to her age at the time, Kristen’s family lived with her while she played the part of Martine, a lost 15-year-old, and when they realized Eddie was an Englishman alone in New Orleans, they took him out.

“I remember your family [was] there as well. I was like, all by myself and Kristen kept thinking I was this sort of lost British loner, but I remember it was Mother’s Day or something and we went into The Quarter…”

“And had brunch,” Kristen chimed in.

“Her family invited me to Mother’s Day,” Eddie said smiling.

But it was while making the moving story, set across a post-Katrina New Orleans, that Kristen realized she values being older and independent, for the purposes of work.

”[Eddie was] living in New Orleans in an apartment – he’s not been in that city before. I was like, ‘God, you’re alone. I have my parents and my brothers,’” she recounted. “Now I would be like, I have to…”

“Get away,” Eddie filled in.

“You need concentration,” Kristen added of how she focuses on work. “It’s like, I need to get as close to him as I possibly can, so I don’t need my brother being like, ‘When are you coming home?’”


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