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Fanfic update: No Choice, Chapter 11 - The Best Laid Plans

Title: No Choice, Chapter 11 - The Best Laid Plans
Author: glasscannon
Pairings: B/E, Canon
Rating: PG-13 for themes and some language
Spoilers: Primarily Twilight and New Moon, but up through Breaking Dawn, just to be safe.
Author’s Notes: This is based on a “what if?” question. It picks up in the middle of Chapter 10 (“The Meadow”) of New Moon and goes sideways from there, leaving canon. The question is: During Bella’s run in with Laurent, what if the wolves hadn’t shown up when they did? What if they had shown up just a few minutes later?  Those minutes change Bella's life forever, and she must learn to deal with the consequences.

Nominated for two Twific Indie Awards, for Best New Moon Story and Canon or AU That Knocks You Off Your Feet!

Excerpt from Chapter 11:
I stopped just outside, my fingertips grazing the doorframe. I knew the room beyond the door better than any other room in the house, though in my mind’s eye it was blurry and indistinct, like a watercolor painting left out in the rain, gold carpet and black sofa and huge windows bleeding into each other.

What would it look like, if I just turned the door handle and pushed? What details had I never noticed before, or forgotten across five months and my own death? How had he left the room, when he left? As messy and lived-in as always, or in careful neatness, as he’d been with me that last week? Did he box his things up for Esme? Was there anything worth taking with him, when neither I nor his family could tie him to this place?

Some part of my mind, I realized, believed that he was really just beyond the door, locked away like a time capsule. If I opened the door he would be there, stretched out on the sofa, listening to music and scribbling in a journal. He would smile at me as I walked in, like nothing had ever happened, like my life hadn’t fallen apart. If I opened the door I could step through and it would be six months ago, and he would love me again. If I just opened the door…


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