Steph (poetrytoprose) wrote in lion_lamb,

weekly promotions roundup #88

Here is the promotions roundup post with all the communities and websites submitted to us this week. If you'd like something promoted for next week, please leave a comment here. As stated before, we will not be allowing individual posts through the comm anymore so please comment there. They do NOT have to be Twilight-related.

ontd_tvdiaries -- Want to lust over all things Vampire Diaries? Here is the place.
patch_nora -- This is a community dedicated to Patch and Nora from the book, Hush, Hush.
novel_bigbang -- An original fiction big bang community. ARTISTS desperately needed!

Ian, Paul, Nina. We all love them, and here is a community for you to express your love too.

2. patch_nora
A community on the relationship of Patch Cipriano and Nora Grey from the book, Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.

3. novel_bigbang
A collaborative project between artists and original writers. At the moment, there are not nearly enough artists per author, so anyone with any creative talent would be dearly appreciated - to create fanmixes, drawings, manips, anything!

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