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fake bitch can't write, but can walk like a tiger

Burning the Edges - Epilogue

Title: Burning The Edges
Author: gangsterdorothy
Characters/Pairing: All canon pairings.
Rating: M
Category: General
Spoilers: None
Summary:Bella is an anti-social pyro with a colorful personality. However, she soon begins to make friends, face enemies, learn what her family means, and finds out some things she never knew she was missing in her life. AH, AU, OOC mostly for Bella.

A/N: Bella's character in the beginning chapters is a little harsh, but only because she is so withdrawn. She does lighten up after that.

First Chapter / Latest Chapter

(They were picking up Charlotte and Peter from Reno, before heading down to the makeshift city that would take over Black Rock Desert for a week.

Bella clapped her hands together, pre-event excitement ran through her veins. “I can’t wait.”

A comfortable silence passed over them. The blazing hot sun beat down on the dashboard, the air conditioner hummed along. Edward smiled crookedly at her. “I love you happy.
Tags: fanfiction
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