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FanFic Update: A Labor of Love (Chapter 17)

Title: A Labor of Love
Author: lizconno ( lizconno )
Rating: M (Lemons & Language)
Characters/Pairing: Edward & Bella / Canon for major characters
Rating: M for Mature (Lemons & Language)
Category: Angst/Romance
Status: In Progress, updated Monday evenings
Disclaimer: Ms. Meyer created Twilight. LL and Daddyward/Widoward sprang from my mind and aren’t meant to infringe on her copyrights!
Summary: Bella returns to Forks, WA to start her life over. Edward is a widower raising twin daughters. When Bella starts to work for Edward, the two develop a close bond that may be ruined by their secrets. LEMONS-- real & imagined Rated-M for a reason AH/OOC
Chapter Teaser:“What is Alice thinking?” Edward mumbled under his breath, but I caught it because of his proximity.
“Have you met him before?” I asked.
“No, but he’s pretty well-known in this region. Child prodigy graduates from CalTech at 19, gets hired by Microsoft, retired by 35. Yada, yada, yada. Isn’t he a bit old for you?”
“How old is he?” Frankly, Alice hadn’t shared much with me other than he made a lot of money off of his Microsoft options – and that he was hot and brilliant.
“At least forty. And he’s known as a lothario,” Edward sneered. Oh ho! Bipolar Edward was back. What the fuck is his problem? “What did you two plan to do?”
“I think Alice said dinner and a movie. Typical first date stuff. I shouldn’t be back too late,” I declared.
Edward “harumphed” and returned to the TV. Was he my father now? A few minutes after this bizarre conversation that I initiated, I left Edward and climbed the stairs to sleep. I really didn’t want to fight with him and I think any further discussion would only result in just that.

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(Chapter 17):

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