cate (enamors) wrote in lion_lamb,

daily graphics post #1


Ok, as some of you may have noticed this community has become overrun with icon posts - especially since all those new stills were release.  After thinking about this for quite a while, we have decided to test out a daily graphics post. In this post everyone will share their graphics rather than make an individual post of their own. We'll try it out for a week, and then we'll ask for community feed back.

The mods have always been really hesitant to have a round-up graphics post - we want to be supportive of graphics makers and let them have the attention they deserve. However, this community has just gotten so big, and for some reason so many members have turned into graphics makers that at the moment it's just not feasible to let every person have a separate post just for graphics. We don't want to spam people.

So we are going to try this out and see how it goes. If you have any thoughts right off the bat, please let us know in the page-a-mod post. Comments there are screened, comments here are not so people are able to share their graphics. So without further ado....

daily graphics post

post links to all your E/B related graphics here.
Tags: !daily graphics post, !modpost
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