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Update: Neon Moon (2 new chapters!)

Title: Neon Moon
Fandom: Twilight
Character: Bella
Rating: T
Chapter 1 on, on LJ
Summary: New Moon A/U. Abandoned by the Cullens, Bella emerges from depression with a wall around her heart and a chip on her shoulder. Closed off and immersed in her college studies, she finds her emotional outlet in a surprising source.
Chapter 2, or on LJ
Chapter 3, or on LJ

Preview of chapter 2:
As long as I kept those friendships (acquaintanceships, really) strictly on the surface level, I didn’t get involved in their private matters, and they didn’t know about mine. Peaceful living environment achieved. Cultivating a persona was something I knew how to do—I’d learned from the best, after all—so that’s what I gave, and that’s what I got in return.

Preview of chapter 3:
I rolled my eyes at him. This from the man who married a perpetual preteen. “You’re kidding, right? Do you have any idea what she said to me today? She spent all morning needling me, I didn’t yell at her—in point of fact I did my best to walk away before any shouting began—and you think I’m the one who needs to grow up?”
Tags: fanfiction
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