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Changes in the Moon, Chapter 30: Shadow and Dust

Title: Changes in the Moon
Author: Twilight Trin
Rating: T+/M (sex, violence and deaths)
Pairing (if any): All normal pairings
Spoilers: Follows NM somewhat in-canon until Volterra, afterwards it is NO longer in canon.
Summary: Following where a A Different Twilight left off…
Edward’s a vampire, Bella’s a witch – two halves of a whole that shouldn’t but are meant to be. Her 18th birthday, a mishap at a party and a decision that breaks them apart. Edward’s POV during the months he was away. Bella’s POV in the cut scenes to her life adapting to the changes that being 18 has brought to her life as a witch and with the emotional fall-out of first heartbreak. In Volterra, everything changes.

Current Chapter | Prologue & Chapter One | Reviews 
Tags: fanfiction
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