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To Be Your Valentine (oneshot)

Title: To Be Your Valentine By Subtlynice
Genre: Twilight - Romance / Fluff
Characters: Edward/Bella, The Cullens
Details: Canon
Rating: T/PG13
Post Word Count: 3, 036
Status: Completed
Summary: "It’s that time of the year, again. Valentines’ Day. Can Bella distract Edward before he loses his temper with her aggravatingly persistent admirers? Please Don't Be My Valentine sequel, but can be read as a separate oneshot. Canon E/B fluff."

This story takes place on 14th February 2015. It can be read as a normal canon oneshot, although the events of Please Don't Be My Valentine are mentioned.

(And then she grinned mischievously, and I knew she was up to something.)
Tags: fanfiction
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