Elvan (tiny_pixy) wrote in lion_lamb,

your thoughts on summit's marketing plan

I don't know how you feel about all of this, but summit's recent behaviour is making me seriously upset if not furious!

If we look back in time, we'll see that the first twilight teaser got released in may 2008, 6 entire months before the movie came out. The first exclusive scene got released just a few weeks later by mtv at the movie awards. A second teaser and the full theatrical trailer followed soon.
With New Moon we got the teaser in june and the first sneak peeks at comic con in july. The full trailer blew us away in september of last year, only two months before the movie got released in the US and many other countries around the world. But at least we had seen in a teaser trailer, some exclusive scenes and stills what to expect before the trailer finally got released.

But with Eclipse we have nothing but 3 stills and the twitpics by David Slade of some dead plants and such things. I'm usually not a huge fan of paparazzi pics but thank God there are at least a few behind the scenes shots from the set and the failwig.
Anyways, Summit's current policy of not-giving-away-too-much is getting on my nevers enormously, because not-too-much ends up being nothing.
Their plan to release the first trailer with the walmart DVD is the worst idea ever, in my opinion. They are missing a perfect opportunity with not releasing it with Remember Me. And that we won't even get a teaser before march 20th is a big sad joke!

I'm seriously disappointed in Summit right now, letting us down like that makes me just really angry. We made this tiny little studio nobody cared about big, for crying out loud, start appreciating!

Anyways, what do you think? Do you agree with me, or do you think it's actually better not to get to know what we are going to be expect?
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