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Fanfic Update: To Be Loved, Chapter 11

Title: To Be Loved
Author: NimC
Rated: M (for violence, language, and sensitive subject matter)
Pairings: Jacob/Bella at first, but I swear this is an Edward/Bella story!
Genre: Romance/Angst

Summary: Bella Swan suffers from a tragic past and wants nothing more than to be loved. Edward Cullen, who is an English bad-boy-trying-to-be-good, never wants to love again. The two seem to hate each other! But when Bella ends up in an unsafe and even dangerous relationship with Jacob Black, will Edward continue to deny his true feelings? Or will he accept the truth soon enough to step in before it's too late? AH AU OOC

Chapter Teaser:

"Are you going to let me in, or what?" he asked, and from his tone I could tell he was trying really hard not to say it rudely.

I composed myself with mental reminders that I had a boyfriend, and stepped aside to let him pass.

"You're late," I said emotionlessly.

He glanced at his watch as he passed by, and I caught a whiff of cigarette smoke and a spicy type of cologne. It was remarkably appealing.

"Technically, I'm not," he said, turning to face me once he was inside. "I arrived at exactly five o'clock. It took me a minute to get off my bike, lock it, and then to walk up to your front door and ring the doorbell. Another minute was wasted by you staring at me."

My eyes widened at how he had just called me out.

"I was not staring at you," I said, narrowing my eyes. Edward shrugged, not saying anything else.

I shut the door and locked it, feeling like I had just locked myself in a lion's cage and was doomed to be eaten alive. When I turned to face him again, he was looking around.

"So where do you want to do this?" he asked. His voice was deep and velvety, and the English accent only made it all the more attractive.


Prologue and Chapter 1
Chapter 11

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