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Ragweeds : Chapter 8 - Small Words, Giant Declarations

From the author that brought you The Ex Factor & The Search For Myself...

Story: Ragweeds
Author: AngelAtTwilight on FFn || somethingblue on LJ.
Update: Chapter 8 - Small Words, Giant Declarations
Rated: M for: Angst, Drama, Romance, Lemons, Language, Drugs, Physical Abuse, & more. All Human. *OOC.*.
Pairing: Edward & Bella
Story Breakdown: Bella & Edward are two broken kids in foster care who meet under tragic circumstances. When the world wants them apart, fate seals them together. Can they fight to stay together? And at what cost?

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NOTE: Breakdowns, Sneak Peaks, and Links all BEHIND the cut.

Chapter Breakdown:
Chapter Eight : Small Words, Giant Declarations.
Energy changes between Bella and Edward as Edward is the first to recognize that big changes are taking place, and neither has control over them.

Chapter Spoiler/Sneak Peek:
When Bella came that following Saturday, I made sure to keep distance between us. I could tell that it was bothering her, that I was giving her the wrong impression. "You're not saying much," Bella mumbled as she handed me the next plate to rinse. I’d told her earlier that she didn't have to help me with my chores, but she argued that Billy had gone to bed early and she didn't want to be in my room without me while I cleaned, so I didn't fight about it. I shrugged and turned on the water.

"I have things on my mind," I said softly, hoping she'd let it go. Of course, that'd be too easy.

"Like what?" she pushed on, pausing before she handed me the next dish. My opened palmed lingered as I met her eyes. She seemed desperate for this information. She had no idea what she was asking for.

I quickly looked away. "Uhhh, just... things with my mom's trial, really."

Bella exhaled. "Edward, why do you lie to me?"

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