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Updated: A Labor of Love

Title: A Labor of Love
Author: lizconno ( lizconno )
Rating: M (Lemons & Language)
Characters/Pairing: Edward & Bella / Canon for major characters
Rating: M for Mature (Lemons & Language)
Category: Angst/Romance
Status: In Progress, updated Monday evenings
Disclaimer: Ms. Meyer created Twilight. LL and Daddyward/Widoward sprang from my mind and aren’t meant to infringe on her copyrights!
Summary: Bella returns to Forks, WA to start her life over. Edward is a widower raising twin daughters. When Bella starts to work for Edward, the two develop a close bond that may be ruined by their secrets. LEMONS-- real & imagined Rated-M for a reason AH/OOC
Chapter Teaser: Jazzy and I stood in the doorway watching Bella trip her way to Edward’s SUV. The second the car left our sights, I kissed Jasper on the cheek and returned to the living room.“What do you think you’re doing?” he asked with an accusing tone.
“Those two belong together. I’m just doing what I think I need to do to help them realize it.”
He sighed and plopped down onto the couch waiting for the proverbial shit to hit the fan. Although he trusted me, he didn’t expect my conniving to go as smoothly as it always did. I grabbed the phone, ready to put my plans into motion.

FFN link (Chapter 16): Games

(Or start at the beginning:

Tags: fanfiction
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