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Fanfic Update - Unattainable Perfection

Title: Unattainable Perfection (Chapter 13 - Secret Chocolate Covered Strawberries)
Author: [info]island_surfer13 or island-surfer (on
Rating: M
Category: Romance/Drama
Pairing: mainly Edward/Bella with Alice/Jasper and Rosalie/Emmett
Spoilers/Warnings: AU All-Human
Summary: He saved her from a dark fate in an alley and fell for her. She loved him as well, but found herself in an arranged marriage to please her family. How can they be together? M for future lemons

Story at:
Newest Chapter at:

Chapter Summary:
Bella returns to reality after her date with Edward, but decides to make some changes for her own benefit. She also starts scheming with Rose about what to do for Edward's birthday.
Tags: fanfiction
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