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Fanfiction New Story: Life Unexpected

Title: Life Unexpected
Author: emmajane_18 (lj), alwaysandforever.x (ff)
Rating: T
Genre: Angst, Romance, Drama, Friendship
Chapter title: Preface
Disclaimer: All belongs to the talented S.Meyer, not me... sadly.
Summary: Married to her best friend that she doesn't love, Bella's life is at a standstill. Meeting Edward Cullen changes everything for good though... but in the end, when life and surprises get in the way, whose heart will be the one that's broken? EdwardxBella, All Canon pairings except for a tiny bit of JacobxBella, All-Human, AU.

Chapter preview: “But I thought that we were… I thought-”

“You thought wrong,” I interrupted him.

I was lying through my teeth though… I loved him… he was right about that part.  I was clearly a better liar then I had ever thought though because he seemed to believe every word I said. I watched as his expression only became even more broken, “Please… please don’t do this,” he begged, pulling me to him. “You can’t leave me, you’re all I have,” he whimpered against my shoulder.

That was true too. He had no one in this world… apart from me.  … I truly hated myself right now.

Chapter link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5710635/1/
Tags: fanfiction
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