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Experimentation Update!

Experimentation: The Human Drama
Author: Wopt70 (simplesongsnsilence on
Rating: M
Summary: Bella’s friends find out about the engagement. It doesn’t go well. EPOV.
Disclaimer: DISCLAIMED.
Chapter 1 –

Hey peeps.
Thank you for all the reviews and attention! I love you all, you’re too sweet for words. Here’s the next chapter, and it’s a little more dramatic, but also a little more sexy. So let me know what you think!

One Week. God, One week, and we’d be married. My mind swirled in happiness as I pictured Bella’s face, with a veil, or maybe not, maybe just a white dress. Hell, I didn’t even care if she wore sweats and one of her baggy, holey shirts (that I’d seen very little of lately, since she was so keen on seducing me… not that I minded), as long as she walked down the aisle and didn’t regret saying “I do” at the end of the day.

Truth be told, I didn’t know much about what our wedding day was going to be like. Bella had decided very early on that she wanted as little to do with the wedding process as possible, and so with her stepping out of the picture, Alice seemed to decide that it was unfair for me to remain. Which was fine with me, really. What did I know about color coordination and flower bouquets?

Of course, our extended family was being invited. All of them save one were quite pleased, and very excited to meet my dear Bella. After so long of seeing me mateless, lost and alone, they were intrigued to see what sort of fairy had turned my gaze. I remember, of course, the day Esme and Carlisle had told them of Bella. I hadn’t wanted to be a part of the conversation, because I didn’t want to know what they would say about me falling in love with a human girl. It was bad enough hearing my own thoughts. And Tanya… poor Tanya. It was here I could sympathize for Bella’s plight with Jacob. Tanya had been crushed. I remember Esme’s sweet loving voice, so happy for me, as she broke the news over the telephone, where my extended family waited on speakerphone.

“Well, we’re actually calling because we have very good news.” Esme’s voice practically trembled with excitement. Even two stories up from them, I could see her smiling face reflected in Carlisle’s thoughts.

“Oh?” Carmen’s motherly voice registered as a warm friendly sound in Esme and Carlisle’s minds. I could hear the voice directly through the phone, but not as well as it registered with my parents. “Well, tell us then. We’re all dying to hear what’s so exciting!”

“Did Alice buy some big fancy car or a shopping mall or something?” Kate’s joking voice was full of smiles.

“Better.” Carlisle said, laughing. “Edward has found a mate.” Here my stomach had clenched uncomfortably, waiting to hear what damage I’d cause in their family, now that I could no longer be matched up so perfectly with Tanya. Not that what they thought of Bella would change the way I thought of her, not in the slightest. But it would be so easy if everyone just got along.

“A mate? Really?” Carmen said excitedly, though I noticed there was a mumble of voices in the background. I had sighed.

“Yes, though it’s a little complicated.” Esme said, as Carlisle hugged her to his side. She then had begun to talk about how Bella was in fact human, and how she affected my vampire senses, and how I was struggling with it everyday, but so determined, because I loved her. And it was all completely true.

Silence greeted her words.

“But surely…” Irina had begun, and I had wished at the time that I could listen to each of their thought processes. Of course, falling in love with a human was unheard of, even taboo. As it should be. “she can’t love him back, can she? Does she know what he is?”

My mind had ached for a moment as I thought of this. There was no way Bella could have loved me as much as I loved her, there was no way. I felt like a mere asteroid circling the sun, doomed to crash into its surface and die out. Or be enveloped in it’s blast should it die.

Carlisle had cleared his throat purposefully and continued. “Yes, she loves him very much. And yes, she knows what he is. She is the most accepting creature I’ve ever seen, and completely tolerant of us. It’s outstanding.”

“Edward told her?” Tanya had whispered, her voice strained. My heart had clenched for her, pained for my friend. But now that I had Bella, I knew that I could never have loved Tanya the way she wanted me to. My brotherly affection would never have been enough.

“No, of course not. She figured it out, somehow.” Esme said. “She’s a very bright girl, and so sweet. One of the nicest young women I’ve ever come across.”

“What’s her name?” Kate had asked, her voice happy, though with a tinge of sympathy for Tanya.


“Ah, beautiful.” Alistair had said, and I heard acceptance in his tone. “She must be charming and beautiful indeed to win the heart of someone like Edward.”

“She is, but she is also just very unique.” Carlisle said. “For instance, she is completely clumsy and accident prone, and, most unique of all, Edward cannot hear her thoughts.”

The conversation had broken out into queries of why that would be, and away from the gut wrenching part of this. I had begun to feel restless, and started to make my way down the steps. I already knew where I was headed. I missed her. As I passed the room where Carlisle and Esme were on the phone, they called out to me.

“Tell them about her, Edward.” Esme had said, putting the phone on speakerphone.

I had shrugged. “I cant.” I had said simply. “She is indescribable.” And had sprinted out the door.

I smiled at the memory, remembering the warmth that had radiated through me at my parents complete acceptance of my choice. And they had only helped since then. A week ago, Bella’s car had arrived, the Guardian. Carlisle had had to pull major strings to get one, even on temporary lease. Bella, of course, was terrified of the thing, and I had to say the only thing consoling me from her adjustment to it was the fact that if she was, for any reason (be it she push the gas too hard or the brakes), no harm could possibly become her. Still, she did hate the thing. She missed her truck.

I missed her. She had gone to the mall with Alice (on some secret mission that I was not to know about), and was to return soon. And so I was here, sitting on my bed, pretending to read but thinking of her. I couldn’t wait till she returned. It seemed my love for her, and my desire for her, grew exponentially by the day. It made my carnal, so that many of our nights together she did not fall asleep until two or three in the morning, because we both wanted each other so damn much. I would feel bad for my disruption of her sleeping habits, but most days she got to sleep in, and besides, she always informed me that it was more than welcome.

As if on cue, I heard Alice’s thoughts in my head as she crossed into my five mile zone, though they were not what I thought they would be, of sales and good buys. Instead, she seemed to be focusing on a rather distraught Bella, who was sniffling in the seat beside her. I sat up immediately, and began to make my way downstairs, so that I could be there to receive them. Even with her fast Porsche, the drive to the house seemed impossibly long. Five miles, how long could it take to drive five miles when you have a car that goes 180? I sat on the bottom step, worrying my lip, until finally I hear her tires on the driveway.

Stupid kids. Alice was thinking violent thoughts about some of Bella’s high school friends, and I wondered more than ever what had happened.

The Porsche drove up to the house, and I sprang to Bella’s door. As I opened it, I saw her tear stained face, and my heart broke. However, she pushed me away without looking at me, and with Alice’s help she sprinted up the steps without tripping. Confused, I grabbed the two shopping bags from the backseat of the car and bolted after them, trying to decipher Alice’s jumbled thoughts.

I followed them to the bathroom, where I heard the worst sound: Bella sobbing, and retching into the toilet. I dropped the bags outside the bathroom and rushed in, sitting on the tub behind Bella and petting her back as she dry heaved.

“What happened?” I demanded, looking at Alice desperately. She groaned.

“We ran into Jessica and Mike at the mall. I ran to go get something, a present I didn’t want Bella to see, so I left her there, thinking they’d be fine just talking.” Bella sniffled enormously, and I pressed a kiss to her head before she began to retch again. “When I came back, they were being horrible to her, asking her how many months pregnant she was, how upset were you that you were stuck with her now, that you had to pretend to love her for that much longer.” Alice was clearly furious. “That all you’d wanted was a quick fuck and she’d got attached. It was awful. Bella was holding her own, but the moment she got to the car, she began to sob.” Alice stroked Bella’s hair sweetly.

I wanted to kill those humans. How could they say something like that? Bella had stopped retching, as nothing but stomach fluid had come up, and she was resting her head on the toilet seat. I pulled her to me, and buried my face in her hair. Alice shot me a knowing look and kissed Bella’s temple before leaving the room, picking up the bags that I’d left outside the door. Her entire figure seemed diminished. But I was more focused on my beautiful girl, and stopping her tears.

“My poor girl…” I muttered, stroking her hair and trying to turn her face towards me.

“No… Edward, I’m gross…” Bella moaned, and I nodded. I let go of her momentarily, standing and letting her rest between my legs as I got her a glass of water from the sink. I was almost frightened at how listless she seemed, flopping limply around. I then sat on the floor with her, positioning her between my legs and handing her the cup. She sipped and swished the water around in her mouth before spitting it into the toilet bowl. “Sorry.” She sighed. “That can’t smell good.”

I smiled at her inability to think of herself first. “It’s okay love. Can we focus on you though? Are you okay?” I said, stroking her hair back as she rested against my chest, her head tucked under my chin. I heard various thoughts of concern throughout the house as Alice relayed the story to everyone. “I have to admit, I want to kill those idiots for what they said to you.”

Bella chuckled weakly. “I might let you. I don’t know the last time I’ve been that upset. I didn’t puke when Jake…” She trailed off, and I kissed her temple. I couldn’t be mad at her for that anymore. She sniffled again, and I could smell the salt of more tears. “I just can’t believe them. They were my friends…” She said, her voice thin and cracking. “Why would they say that?” She said, turning in my grasp to look at me. “What did I ever do to them?” Small lines of wet trickled down her cheeks.

My heart broke at her expression, and I felt the pain acutely. “They’re jealous and stupid, because they’ll never understand what we have.” I said, smiling at my own cheesiness. “As silly as it sounds, it’s true. Mike wants you and Jessica wants a boyfriend who actually loves her. They don’t want to show that they’re hurt, so they lash out.” I reached forward and flushed the toilet. “Let me take you out of here, love.” She nodded slightly, and I picked her up effortlessly and stood, taking her to my—our—room. Once there, she curled against me tightly, and cried.

I hated this. Feeling so helpless because of something I’d done, even indirectly. She was marrying me because I begged her, and of course she was getting attacked for it. It was cruelly unfair, for women everywhere. Esme was almost frantic, wanting to comfort Bella as well, her thoughts racing. Alice was informing her that she could bring Bella tea in fifteen minutes, once she’d calmed down. I silently thanked them.

Sure enough, minutes later, Bella stopped sniffling, and relaxed against me. I kissed her forehead, and then pulled to closer so I could give her a proper kiss. She was soft and welcoming against me, and her lips tasted of salt. Slowly, she smiled, and I smiled back at her. “That’s better.” I whispered. “There’s that smile I love.”

Bella laughed, rolling her eyes at me. “Do you ever get tired of being the sappiest man alive?”

I kissed her again softly. “No, because it’s impossible for me to get tired of anything related to you, and also, I’m not a man.”

She laughed again. She lowered her hand to my crotch and patted lightly. “This begs to differ.” She whispered, her voice still carrying the remains of her sadness in its scratchy tone. I glared at her jokingly.

“Don’t tease, Isabella.”

Her grin widened, and there was a mischievous glint to her eyes. “That’s not my name.”

Just then Esme’s voice broke through my mind, asking me if she could come up, and I realized she was standing directly at the base of the staircase, waiting for me to say yes. She even had the tea ready.

“Come on up, Esme.” I said softly, and Bella’s face contracted in confusion before clearing, and laughing a little. Esme came into the room with a tray of tea and cookies, which she placed on the bedside table. She then kneeled onto the bed and pulled Bella towards her, hugging her to her chest.

“People never understand strong women, Bella baby.” Esme crooned, and Bella sighed against her. “They never understand how hard it is to make these kind of decisions and know what is to come.” She kissed Bella’s head, and I smiled. Esme was so good at this mothering stuff. From what I knew, Renee had never been so great at tending to Bella’s needs. It seemed Renee needed the support more than Bella had. But I knew it could not have been easy for her, growing up with few friends and little father, as well as a scatterbrained mother that didn’t really put her daughter first.

Esme finally released Bella, who drew back with a sniffle. I collected her in my arms immediately, pulling her into my lap. Esme handed her a cup of tea and cookie, making Bella giggle, especially because Esme refused to leave until she saw Bella eat at least one cookie.

“You’re too skinny, girly. You’re mimicking Alice, and I like to see a girl with some curves.” Bella blushed and took a big bite of the cookie. Esme kissed her head again and moved back to the doorway, smiling at both of us. Take care of my girl, Edward, she thought as she closed the door behind her. I grinned, pressing my nose to Bella’s hair.

Bella sipped her tea delicately: in fact, the only thing she needed to add was a pointed pinky and she’d have all the poise of a princess. “Are you feeling better?” I murmured into her ear, pressing a kiss to her shoulder. “I hate to see you so sad.”

Bella shrugged, taking another slow sip. When she lowered the cup, she paused for a moment before speaking. “I just thought they were my good friends, that’s all.” She shrugged. I hugged her tightly from behind. “I had no idea they had that kind of venom.”

“They probably didn’t mean very much of it, if any.” I whispered, resting my head on her shoulder. “But I have to tell you, Jessica has always been full of venom.” Bella sighed. “Trust me, I should know.”

“I do trust you.” She whispered. “I just wish we didn’t live in a world with two sided friendships all over the place. I had hoped to leave that behind when I left Arizona.”

My ears perked. Bella never mentioned old friends from Arizona, never even admitted to having any. “What happened in Arizona, love?” I whispered, laying us both down and rolling her so she lay on my chest, facing me.

Bella sighed, and tucked her hair behind her ears, a sign of agitation. I slipped my arms around her waist, holding her to me. “I had these two friends, Lisa and Courtney. Courtney was a promiscuous girl who was really more sad than sexy. The boys went to her to get their rocks off, and then left her, and never mentioned that they’d ‘hit that’.” I smiled at the addition of air-quotes. “And Lisa worshipped her, because she got with all the popular guys, even if the guys didn’t want to admit it.

“I didn’t really have anyone else to hang out with, so I followed them around, and they tried desperately to get me to flirt and play around with the boys. Which, as you probably know, me being me, didn’t work so well.” Bella blushed bright red, and I wondered if she’d even tried, or if she’d just stuck to her own morals. “So, because they didn’t understand why I wouldn’t just flaunt myself like they did, they started passing rumors that I was…” she buried her head in my chest, even her ears pink now. “a lesbian.”

I smiled fondly, and hugged her even tighter. “Ouch.” I whispered, and she giggled, springing back up to rest her head on her hands.

“Not that there is anything wrong with that, but of course my social status, small as it was, plunged, and everyone started calling me the lesbo. When I found out that they were the ones to spread the rumors, I sent a different rumor around the school, saying that Courtney had herpes. I don’t think she got laid for the rest of high school.”

I laughed, pulling her forward for a kiss. Her lips were warm and soft as always, and sent tingles through my body. “Well,” I murmured as our lips parted, “I think you handled yourself quite well, really.” Bella smiled and blushed, then reattached herself to my lips.

We kissed slowly and softly for a few moments, entirely happy within our little bubble. We then rolled onto our sides, looking at each other fondly. “What do you want to do now?” I asked her, my mind lost in her eyes. God, I really was a sap. But who cared?

Bella stretched like a cat on a sunlit rug and smiled. “Actually, I think I want to take a shower. I feel kind of gross.”

“You don’t look very gross.” Bella laughed.

“All the same, pretty boy, I’m going to hop in the shower.” She got off the bed and stretched. Just as she stretched her arms out, a small burst of sunlight broke through a cloud, and struck her. Her skin glowed in the light: her cheek warmed to the light, and the small strip above her waist where her sweatshirt had ridden up. Her hair glowed. I was so awestruck by this simple image, that all breath left my lungs. I stopped breathing. Bella watched me carefully, her hair slipping into her eyes. “Care to join me?” She whispered, smiling shyly.

I rose slowly, walking toward her reverently. As I reached her, I dipped and placed my hands under her butt and picked her up, lifting her so that she towered above my head. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders and fell onto my face, and she grinned. “You are perfection.” I whispered, spinning her around. “You’re incredibly perfect.”

Bella blushed. “Even when I’m gross?” She whispered, grinning.

“You could never be gross.” I said, frowning at her, my eyebrows furrowed. “Never.”

Bella laughed. “Are you going to carry me to the bathroom then? ‘Cause… I’m okay with that.”

“Good.” And she folded herself over my shoulder as I carried her to the bathroom like a sack of potatoes. Once we were enclosed inside, I pressed her up against the bathroom counter, my hands reaching for the hem of her shirt. I slipped it over her head slowly, smiling when her head got momentarily stuck. I then turned around and turned the shower on, so it would be warm for her by the time she got fully undressed. When I turned around again, I saw that she’d unzipped her jeans, and her thumb was hooked suggestively in her belt loop, and was slowly tugging them down. I growled.

How could she not think she was sexy? When she’d pulled out those lap dance moves for me last week, I’d nearly lost it before I’d even had a chance to touch her. I ran my hands along her bare waist, pulling her to me, running my hands over her flat stomach and up to the edge of her bra. Bella shivered under my touch. I used one hand to move her hair to one side of her neck and touched my mouth to the other side. “You smell divine.” I whispered. Bella purred, and I began to tug her jeans down. “Now lets get you warmed up.” Bella stepped out of her jeans and I slipped her panties off as well, following their path with my nose. I could feel Bella trembling beneath me, I heard her unsnap her bra.

“You tease.” She muttered, and ducked to my new level and grabbed me, kissing me. Her hands worked on my shirt, desperately trying to tug it over my head. I laughed and fell backwards, so that she fell between my legs. I helped her with my shirt and she started working on my pants, tugging at them. They were soon unbuttoned and I slipped them off.

“Get in the shower, you.” I said. “You’ve got goosebumps all over you.”

Bella reluctantly stood and I shed the rest of my clothing, before standing and pushing her towards the shower. “You should like the effect of cold on me.” She muttered, sticking her perfect breasts out, and I grinned.

“Yeah, but I don’t want you to be cold.” She smiled and stepped into the warm spray, her hair flattening around her head. I followed her, the hot water making my skin tingle. Bella’s cheeks began to flush with the heat, and I could hear her heart flutter as she took in my body. I was so focused on her beautiful, tight, perfect body that I barely noticed the thrum of her blood in her neck.

I ran my hands along her waist again and pulled her to me, tucking her under my chin, then slipping my hands under her butt. Her breasts tightened against my chest from the chill of my skin, but she was hot against my hands. I pressed a kiss to her temple, and she practically purred.

“Does your house have unlimited hot water?” Bella asked, her lip pressing softly against my collarbone.

“Pretty much, yeah. We like hot water, it makes our skin warmer and makes us feel really good. Why?” I asked, kissing her temple again.

“Good. Cause I don’t think I ever want to leave this place.” I laughed. Reluctantly, I reached for her body wash and stepped away from her. I poured the soap onto a sea-sponge and rubbed it between my hands.

“Turn around.”

Bella spun away from me, and I rubbed the sponge all over her back, forming a rich lather. It smelled of vanilla, of Bella. I washed her with the one hand, and massaged her back with the other, working out knots on her smooth soft back. Bella’s chin dropped to her chest, and she moaned. The sound went directly to my cock, and I groaned softly in response.

I slowly washed her entire body, reaching around to wash her breasts, feeling her body respond to my touches, and hearing her breathy gasps. They drove me to distraction. My member was hard and aching and I could smell her arousal as well. Finally, I rinsed her, and turned her around to look at me. “Feel good?” I asked softly, kissing her.

Bella moaned and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me closer. My erection rubbed against her stomach and she sighed in content. “I love that feeling.” She moaned. “That feeling of you being so ready and excited, just because of me.” She kissed my adam’s apple. “Makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.”

“Mmm… then maybe you are.” My hands made their way to the sides of her breasts, tracing slow circles against them.

“You’re driving me crazy.” She muttered, pressing her face against my cheek. “You better be willing to finish this.”

I scoffed. “Like I’d leave you hanging.” But I wanted to take my time, so I reached for the shampoo. “Turn around. This will feel good.”

As she obeyed, I poured her shampoo into my hand and began working it through her hair. Her head dropped back towards me, and I rubbed in small hard circles, massaging her scalp. She sighed happily. I smiled and dropped on of my hands to her butt, pinching slightly. “Hey now…” She warned, jumping a little. “Don’t get me all relaxed and then surprise me. You’ll give me a heart attack.”

“Wouldn’t want that…” I muttered, kissing her shoulder. “Not one bit.”

I loved her hair. It was unbelievably thick, and shone in the sun. It covered her sweet ears (that she hated) and framed her face so perfectly. It also smelled so sweet, even if she didn’t shampoo it. Now I showed it the care it deserved, working shampoo and then conditioner through it tenderly. I slowly realized that her one hand was moving… Oh God, she was touching herself. Slowly, teasing herself. I practically lost it then and there. I turned her around and rinsed her hair, and she unabashedly didn’t stop touching herself. I groaned, rubbing her hair to get rid of all the soap, barely controlling myself. All I wanted to do was bury my head between her legs. Once all the shampoo was gone, and pulled her to me, kissing her deeply. My tongue explored her mouth, and she rubbed against me sensually.

“Please, Edward…” She panted against my lips. “God, I can barely wait a week. I want you so badly right now.” She took my hand and placed it between her legs. I could feel how slick she was, and my eyes rolled back in my head. “If I asked you to, Edward, would you?” She panted.

I groaned, and my erection jumped. “God, yes… yes, I wouldn’t stand a chance.” I said, pressing against her. My fingers traced her slit. “Turn around, Bella, please.” I panted. She looked at me, confused, before turning away from me, reaching out and bracing herself against the shower wall.

Immediately, I dropped to my knees, and began to press kisses to the back of her thighs. She moaned, and I saw her hand dip back to her center. “No.” I said, pushing her hand away. “That’s mine.” I murmured, and she groaned. I spread her cheeks and pressed a kiss to each of them, before diving into her center.

“Edward!” She gasped, subconsciously trusting back towards my mouth. I moaned, and she gasped again. She could feel the vibrations. From then on, I sent as many vibrations up her body as I could manage. Bella was soon dripping wet, and not from the shower. I drank from her, which was quickly becoming my favorite thing to do.

At the end of last week, Bella had gotten her period, and we’d had to put a halt on me giving her oral pleasure. She had refused to stop pleasuring me, of course. She seemed to like that more than receiving, sometimes. However, I wished that I could have had the strength to taste her menstrual blood. However, it wasn’t worth the risk.

“Edward, oh, Edward.” Bella moaned, and I could see she was resting her head against the cool tile. I wondered distantly how long we’d been in the shower. How long I’d been torturing her. How long could we continue? I couldn’t wait until she would stop getting tired, when we could do this all day. “Fuck, fuck fuck… it feels so good.” She panted. “You drive me crazy…”

I slipped a finger inside of her, and she emitted a loud “fuck!”. I smiled, tonguing her again. “More…” she panted, and I added another finger. I felt her body adjust to the new size quickly enough. And more than that, I felt her G-spot more easily in this position than ever before. “God, Edward. You need to stretch me, add another. You’re bigger than this.” I moaned.

This time, I added the third finger more slowly, and felt her body stretch as I shifted them around. I also heard her breath in between her teeth. “Does it hurt, baby?” I whispered, and she made a sound that told me it did.

“It’s not awful, just new.” She panted, but her words were laced with pain. I stilled my fingers. I hated to admit that if this would be too much for her, then I would probably be too much for her. I was bigger than this, and, of course, longer. “Just give me a moment.”

I waited, though I wanted nothing more to drill into her—with more than just my fingers—and bring her such pleasure as I had in the past. But I could wait, because I knew I wouldn’t be bringing her pleasure.

“Okay…” She said. “I think you can move now.” I pressed a soft kiss to her lower back and began to move, searching for that G-spot. I knew immediately when I found it, because Bella gasped. I felt relieved immediately. I didn’t want to hurt her. I kept moving towards that spot, and she would gasp in encouragement. I loved that sound. I focused on my hand and pressed kisses to her back. Randomly I would feel her body clench as an especially good thrust hit her, and I’d try to repeat it to the best of my ability.

The moment that nearly did me in was when Bella reached on of her hands back and grabbed as much of my hair as she could, telling me through tugging that she loved what I was doing. And her sounds… for a shy, un-talkative person, she certainly let words spill when she was enjoying herself.

“God, Edward… Oh… shit… I can’t wait… to feel… you… Oh shit!”

Those words were like an aphrodisiac to me, driving me insane. I reached my other hand around her slim hips and worked her clit, making her groan. I knew she was close. She was panting hard, and I could feel her clenching down on my fingers—imagine what it’ll feel like when its your…-- and I wanted to see her face as she came…

I withdrew my fingers and pulled her down to the floor with me (I have a huge shower, I might add), and once she was facing me, wide eyed and pink cheeked, I pushed my fingers back inside and kissed her, driving into her, until she began to shake and convulse beneath me. I drew back to watch her face, as she clenched her eyes shut.

“oh, oh fuck…” she gasped, clenching around my fingers a final time. I watched as she came down from that euphoric feeling, her face calm and relaxed, and so happy. Then suddenly she leaned backwards, and I had to reach out and grab her before her head cracked into the tile.

“oops…” she muttered, and I laughed and hugged her to me.

I just then began to notice the water pouring on to us from above. Huh. How’d I forget that part? I reached up and turned the water off, collecting Bella in my lap. Her heart was still thumping a mile a minute and I was sure the heated water wasn’t helping. I slowly rose, bringing her with me, and carefully set her on her feet outside the shower. I then grabbed a towel and began to dry her off.

“Shower time is over?” She said as I bent down to dry her legs. She looked delicate on her feet, and I was eager to get her out of the bathroom before she tripped and fell over, or knocked into something. It would be just like her to survive vampires, werewolves, and cliff diving, but to slip and crack her head open in a bathroom. My worst nightmare.

“Yes, babe. We can go cuddle in bed, but you look a little out of it. Hard objects, not your friend.”

Bella snorted. “I wouldn’t say that…” She said, and eyed my member suggestively. I coughed and grabbed a towel to cover myself. She frowned as I wrapped it around my waist. “What?”

I wrapped her in a towel and picked her up. “Come on, love. Lets go back to bed.” She pouted, but relented. If only she knew how hard it was to resist her.

I lay her down on the bed and covered her with my duvet, before slipping the towel away from her. She smiled and burrowed into the soft covers, eyes closed and content, the weak light that slipped through the clouds lighting her visible body. My already hard member twitched, seeing her in all her natural beauty. Her collarbone and sternum peaked over the top of the duvet, as well as her smooth slim arm. So beautiful.

“You know…” She muttered, smiling in her stillness. “I could disarm that gun you’re carrying under the towel.”

I burst out laughing, before climbing on the bed on all fours. “Oh really?” I said, trying to contain my laughter. “How would you go about doing that, I wonder?”

She didn’t stir. The only part of her that moved was her mouth. “Oral persuasion. I’d talk you down from that cliff.”

“And what if I want to jump?” I said, my lips tracing her hairline before I rested my head on my elbow and watched her.

One brown eye popped open, surveying me wickedly. “Well then.” She said, pulling herself from the covers and revealing her breasts to me. “I guess I’d just have to make the fall worth it then.”

She tugged at my towel and revealed my body. When she saw me, she practically licked her lips. It was delectable. I leaned forward and captured those lips with my own, drinking in her perfect taste. It was the sweet wine of my fiancée, something I could never get tired of.

Of course I could hear shifting of the fabric and covers, but it still caught me by surprise when she gripped my member in her hot little hand. My hips jumped, and she laughed into my mouth. “Too cute.” She whispered, and I moaned.

“You mean manly.”

“Sure, sure, whatever big boy.”

She then began to kiss my chest, and all I could do was lie back and let her, because the second she touched me, I felt entirely helpless. Her mouth left a hot trail of tingles on my body, warming my very soul. It was moments like this that I felt human, that I felt my heart could pound and race, and that if I didn’t breathe, my lungs would collapse because I wouldn’t be inhaling her sweet scent.

“God, Bella…” I moaned, and she chuckled against my skin. “You’re like a live wire, shocking me. You bring me to life.”

Bella rested her chin on my chest and looked up at me. “You realize you just quoted Evanescence, right?” She said jokingly, but her eyes were soft.

I gave her a half-smile, and I heard her heart thump unevenly. “It was completely coincidental, I swear.”

“Mhm… right.”

Just as I was about to reply, she twisted her hand around my member and ran her thumb over the head. I gasped, and threw my head back. Too good. I felt Bella shift, and her mouth kissed my hip, before licking its way to the base of my member. She then traced up the length of it, teasing with only her lips. It was torture. I gripped the sheets, trying so hard not to grab her, to thrust upwards against her, possibly causing a fractured jaw, if not worse. So I focused on her heartbeat, and I focused on breathing, and when she engulfed me, finally, finally… I tried not to scream. I let out a grunt and closed my eyes, still picturing Bella, towering over my as I licked my way into her, her warm passage… God…

Her hot mouth made circuits on my skin, her soft hand working my scrotum and making me shiver. Occasionally she would tug (accidentally, I presume) my pubic hair, and it would intensify the feelings. There was only so much I could take. I groaned, and spilled into my lovers mouth, before realizing what I’d done.

I sat up instantaneously as I heard her slurp, watching as she took in my seed.

“Bella!” I said, watching her face. “Don’t…” Too late… I heard her swallow. While it may have been the single most sexual thing I’d ever seen, I hardly noticed, as I was panicking about her physical state.

I immediately bolted up, running to the bathroom. I grabbed a glass of water and darted back into the room, to where Bella was sitting the bed, looking confused. I handed her the water. “Drink.”

Bella rolled her eyes but drank the water. When the glass was empty, she handed it back to me and buried back into the covers. I watched her face for discomfort, but there was none. Only irritation. “How do you feel? Are you okay?”

Bella glared. “I’m fine, except for the fact that I don’t get to hold my boyfriend after I give oral sex, because he’s way over protective.”

I sighed. Of course. “God, I’m sorry Bella.” I said, crawling into bed and wrapping my arms around her. “I didn’t mean it that way… I just don’t know if you should be ingesting any fluid I produce. It might poison you.”

Bella shrugged. “I feel fine. I just feel hurt, like…” I interrupted her by pulling her to me, pressing a soft kiss to her cheek.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I just forget…” I said, pressing my forehead against her ear. “I just freak out that something’s going to take you away from me, so close…”

“Shhh.” Bella whispered, and she wrapped her arms around my neck, holding me to her. “None of that. Nothing’s going to take me away from you now. Not even yourself.”

I chuckled a little, feeling her warm skin flush underneath me. “You’re sure you feel alright?”

Bella nodded, still holding me. I rolled onto my side, still keeping in contact with her, and slipped under the covers, lying beside her. Bella rolled on her side, and remained there, my forehead against her temple. I drank in her sweet breath and held her close, pressing soft kisses to her nose and cheeks when I felt compelled to touch her more.

Eventually, her heartbeat evened out, and I knew she’d drifted off to sleep. I sat there, both content and worried, thinking about my seed sitting in her stomach, and worried that it would wear through the lining of her stomach. I’d given her the water in hope that she’d quickly need to urinate and that it would help expel it from her body, but as long as it didn’t enter her bloodstream…

I thought for a while about the different medical issues Carlisle had brought up at various points through our discussions about having sex with Bella. Seeing as we were only a week away, it seemed these issues were always on my mind. It was the reason I freaked out when Bella had swallowed… ahem... yeah. I just felt like everything was at risk, that she’d be snatched from me, just when everything was starting to go well.

Bella only slept for a little over a half hour, clutching me to her the entire time. I was glad it was summer, and that my skin wouldn’t irritate her like it did when it was cold out. Now she pulled me ever closer to her, and used me to cool off her overheated skin.
When she awoke, she did so with an enormous yawn, which then turned into a smile.

“Good day, sir.” She said with a sleepy smile. She then furrowed her eyebrows. “You need a pet name.” She mumbled.

I laughed. “What? What would my pet name be? Snookums?”

Bella smiled. “If that’s what you want to be called.” She shifted, resting on her elbow and looking at me. “You call me love and baby, as well as some other names.”

I reached up for a kiss. “Well, honestly, I was surprised you liked baby. I always think baby refers to the Grease Lightening stage of American history.” I felt her smile against my lips.

“Yeah, maybe so, but it makes me feel kinda sweet and sexy.” I ran my hands through her hair, feeling it thick between my fingers. “It caught me off guard at first, but I definitely like it.” She pressed her lips to my chin, then lowered them to my adam’s apple.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better.” I whispered. I pressed her against the mattress and just looked down at her, touching her soft hair and cheek. To my surprise, Bella’s expression turned pensive. “What’s wrong?”

“Can I tell you something?” She said, her beautiful dark eyes earnest. My nerves went into high alert, but I tried to remain calm. However, I could see she’d picked up that I was too still. I tried to smile reassuringly. “It’s not bad, it’s just…” She bit her lip, and I wished I could get a glimpse into her mind. Finally, she sighed. “Okay. I am afraid to meet your cousins.” She whispered, blushing and flopping back down to her pillow.

“Why?” I asked, confused. She really did perplex me terribly sometimes. One day she wanted to know as much as she could about me, the next minute she was afraid of my family.

“Because I know I’m going to see Tanya and think that I’m not good enough, because she’s going to be perfect and and and beautiful and graceful and even, and I know you will, but even if you show me the best attention all night, I’m still going to feel bad about myself in comparison.” Bella blurted out, in one huge long mixed up breath of sweet air. Even with all the extra space in my brain, it took me a minute to figure out what she’d said.

I didn’t know what to say. At least she had admitted that she knew I wouldn’t be interested in Tanya, but that she would still feel diminished. “What can I do to change that feeling?” I whispered, searching her face.

“I don’t know.” She said, looking sad. “I don’t think it can be helped.”
I smiled sadly. “If only you saw yourself through my eyes, Bella. You’d be amazed at what I see.” Bella smiled, and threaded her hand through my hair, tugging me towards her.

“Yeah, maybe.” She said, and kissed me. Suddenly, there was a buzzing from the floor. I picked up Bella’s bag and handed it to her, and she pulled out her new cell phone.

“It’s a text.” She said, and opened it. “…from Mike.” I growled. “He says he’s sorry, he doesn’t know what came over him. He was hurt I hadn’t told him before he got the invite.” Bella frowned. She looked up at me. “I’m still really bad at texting. Can you type what I want to say?” I nodded reluctantly. All I wanted to write was ‘fuck off, Newton.’ Bella looked over my shoulder, though, so I couldn’t slip it in. “Just tell him, ‘You can’t know how hard it is to be the source of this gossip. It’s scary. I didn’t tell anyone.”

I quickly typed what she said, and sent it. I cupped her cheek in my hand, comforting her. A minute later, her phone buzzed again. I opened it and showed it to her. All it said was “Angela.” She sighed, and took the phone. I saw her search through her phone numbers until she found Mikes.

“Don’t call him, love.” I whispered, pleading. For god’s sake, she was still naked in my bed from our love play. I didn’t want to associate Mike with this image.

“It’ll only take a second. I’m sorry.” She said, pressing the call button. I pulled the covers up so they covered her, so at least I could feel like she was dressed. I cuddled into her side, impatient and irritated, and she ran her hand through my hair in an attempt to comfort me. “Mike, look.” She said, when Mike picked up. “You really have no idea how it feels to be in my position. I told Angela because I knew she wouldn’t gossip. And even then, I just told her a few weeks ago. So don’t go getting all offended. Because I knew you’d judge me, and you can’t blame me for trying to avoid that.”

I heard Mike on the other line, apologizing profusely. He said something along the lines of just taunting Bella to make Jessica feel better, which didn’t really solve anything, but Bella seemed to accept. “Of course you can still come to the wedding. Just fucking behave, okay?” She growled, and I chuckled. Bella shushed me silently, but her eyes were laughing. “Yeah, that’s Edward. I have to go, okay? Bye.”

She hung up the call and threw her phone away, holding me tightly. “I’m sorry, that was really mean to you. I just had to set that straight.”

I chuckled. “It’s okay, babe.” I ripped the covers away from her, exposing her body to me.

“Oh, God, Edward, I don’t know if I can take anymore today. That was pretty intense.”

I smiled. “I just want to look over my domain.” I pressed flat innocent kisses over her belly and her shoulders, and she relaxed against the bed. I got to her ear and took the lobe in my mouth, my lips over my teeth.

“You know what?” I whispered.


“You’re absolutely perfect for me. And no one can ever compare. Ever.”

Bella stared back at me, her eyes dark and full of love. Then, she burst out laughing.

“You are the cheesiest person ever, Edward. What the hell…”


So, there you have it! It’s not finished, but I have a question for you all to answer, as an excuse to get you to press the review button.

Do you guys want to see me do the honeymoon, or do you like to leave that up to your imagination? Let me know for sure, because I have no problems writing it (I’m not dealing with babies though, just warning you, so it might be slightly AU). So let me know!

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