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Fanfic Update: Collision of Love - Chapter 5


Title - Collision of Love, Chapter 5
Author - (LJ) Bloodtype46, ( Vale-46-4eva
Rating – Mostly T, possibly M towards the end. (Only to be cautious. Content shouldn't become overly graphic)
Genre - Romance/Humour/Drama
Warnings - None at present :)
Spoilers - Fic does not contain spoilers
Disclaimer - Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer - I'm just borrowing them =D

Summary - Carefree, single and slightly klutzy Bella Swan, is so content with life, that she’s stuck in a rut. So what happens when someone spices things up for her?  Will he actually be able to pull her out of it? And more importantly, will she let him? Especially when all she wants to do, is hate him.


FF – Link -

C1 – Link -

Tags: fanfiction
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