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Eclipse Test Screening?

Two people from the Eclipse IMDB board have stated that they had the opportunity to see an early test screening of Eclipse today.
One of them does sound very convincing....

Below are the two posts from the IMDB users, of course they could be lying, but news has been really slow lately,
one of the users also says that the trailer will be shown at the golden globe awards on the 17th.

Summits BFF Lauren says these test screenings are not true. 
although she is not a 100% reliable source

I just saw a test screening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse at Recliffe. It WAS AWESOME!

Victoria played by Bryce Dellas Howard was AWESOME! You Really Couldnt Tell that they changed actresses. She Looks EXACLY the same as Rachelle did in New Moon and she sounds exacly like Rachelle did in Twilight. Her Acting was Amazing!

There were a whole lot of uncompleted scenes though. The fight scene for example, you could still see all wires lifting everyone up also there were alot of parts with the wolfs that wernt finished.

The Acting was 10x better then it was in New Moon aswell. KRISTEN HARDLY BLINKED!!!

Although the only complaint from me was KRISTENS WIG IS TO FnCKING DESTARACTING!!!! IT LOOKS FO FAKE!

Before it started some guy from Summit said that they are going to release the teaser trailer On Janurary 18th at the Golden Globes.

I was one of the few who is lucky enough to be invited for an early screening of the movie,let me tell you first of all,I am a man and I read the books and watched the movies(even though I didn't enjoy the movies too much).I met the crew and the producers ,they were all very friendly.We shake hands and chat for a while.Then the producers left and let the movie start.After I finished watching the movie, I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised.While I didn't enjoy the first 2 movies.This movie is actually pretty decent.Of course this movie is no Oscar material,but it is MUCH better than the first 2 films.

The acting improved significantly,especially Jacob.I could actually feel his character and his struggle for Bella.I feel most sorry for Jacob through out the film.I won't spoil it for you,but the things he is doing to protect Bella and trying to get her approval later is a lot.You will see why when you watch the film.Without telling you too much since we are not allow to.I have to say the love triangle between Jacob,Edward and Bella is very well done.Lots of character development between those scenes.The side character's also felt more important and contribute nicely to the main storyline.

The battle scene was AMAZING!Even though some of the cgi was not finished,I could already say the battle between the vampires and werewolves was beyond EPIC.There are more fighting scenes in this movie than the first 2 movies COMBINED.Compare to other action movies,the fighting is still pretty short,but was done very nicely and i could feel the intensity of the battle.If you are dragging your boyfriends to see it,I guaranteed they will like the movie more than the previous two.The movie still focus more on the love triangle than the battle scenes nevertheless.

On the technical side of things,the movie is faster paced and doesn't feel dragged on like the first 2.For the ladies,there are more kissing scenes between Edward and Bella when they are making out,Jacob and bella kissing etc.But still no sex scenes yet.Then you get the usually Jacob half naked walking around,Edward shirtless...I won't spoil it.

The only downside is...well I really don't think there is a downside!The movie give you nothing too much and nothing too little.But there is a hint for the fourth movie though and you crave for more...(I am a man btw,and i felt embarrassed to say it haha.)

As I walked out the theater,I feel satisfied with the movie.Me and others thank the crew and producers for the screening.I thought the whole cast and crew did a really great job trying to keep the storyline as same as in the book.They did little tweaks here and there,but nothing major.That's all I can tell you.I suggest you to see this movie once it's out,you will be amazed.

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