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Did anyone else notice...

Okay, you know when you go to Steph's site, then go to 'Other Projects' then click on 'Craptastic Covers' you can see the Forever Dawn cover, the original sequel to Twilight? This is kinda spoilery, so I'll put it under the cut!

I'm assuming this is Bella, because it pretty much fits the description in the book. Now I draw your attention to the red eyes.

Q:Can you post Forever Dawn, or send me a copy, or give me a summary, or email me the outline...?

A:Ever since I put up my "craptastic covers" page and included the cover I made for Forever Dawn (the original sequel to Twilight), I've been getting different versions of this question. First of all, here's the reason why Forever Dawn will never be published: it doesn't fall into the young adult genre. I wasn't thinking about my audience yet when I was writing it, I was still just writing for my own amusement. When I knew that I was going to have to write another sequel, with a more YA focus, I went ahead and finished Forever Dawn so I could give it to my big sister for her birthday (how many of your sisters have ever written you a 600+ page book for your birthday?). Now, eventually, in the distant future, I will probably put up sections of Forever Dawn like I did with the Twilight outtakes. The reason I can't do this for a long time is because the plot line of Forever Dawn is still working as a loose skeletal outline for the rest of the series. In other words, it's chockfull of spoilers. So I won't be able to put any of it here on the site until I'm past that point in the story. After Eclipse is out and we get a little closer to the release of Breaking Dawn, I'll be able to reveal the first pieces of Forever Dawn.

Red eyes!!!



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