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More info on the new trailer.

'New Moon': Abbreviated Version Of The VMA Trailer Shown Before 'Sorority Row' & We've Seen It!

Way back when we first heard about the special "New Moon" trailer being shown at the VMAs (yes, a whole nine days ago), we at Hollywood Crush decided there were three things above all else we would love to see in the sneak peek of the upcoming vamp flick: the Volturi, werewolves and Bella's cliff jump. I'm beginning to think there's a direct link between our wishes and what Summit delivers, because the newest "New Moon" trailer — a shortened version of what will be shown at the VMAs (!!!) — being shown before "Sorority Row" focuses heavily on all three.

If the excitement behind "Twilight" was getting to see Bella (Kristen Stewart) and the Cullen's in the flesh, than the excitement behind "New Moon" is watching the Volturi and the Quileute wolf pack come alive. The trailer opens with a shot of Dakota Fanning as Jane (she's pictured above), and then gives us our first look at the Volturi complete with Michael Sheen's Aro snapping the neck of some poor human individual.

Whereas the first full "New Moon" trailer showed the Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella break-up, this trailer focuses on what comes after. There are shots of Bella's motorcycle crash (scenes also shown at Comic-Con), with Jacob (Taylor Lautner) asking her what she was thinking and Jessica asking her if she is an adrenaline junkie now. We see a lot more of Bella's cliff jump (and a totally awesome vision of Edward in the water; props to Chris Weitz on the CGI!) and of Jacob trying to comfort her. We also see Alice (Ashley Greene, a.k.a. our VMA Fashion Correspondent!) explaining to Bella about how Edward thinks shes dead there are some pretty extensive clips showing Italy and Bella's run to Edward, as well as Alice's sexy yellow Porsche.

Visually, "New Moon" is about 10 steps up from "Twilight." There are some quick flashes of Edi Gathegi's Laurent with his brand-spankin' new red contacts and shots of the Sam and the other werewolves before and after their transformations.

The end of the trailer showed some epic fights going on with the Volturi, and we get to hear Bella's token line, "No Edward, dont!" But hands down the best part of the trailer is its final moment, when Dakota Fanning walks toward the screen and states, "This may hurt just a little."

I've got to admit, I wasn't a fan of the first "Twilight" film, but this trailer has completely redeemed my faith in the franchise. Hopefully Chris Weitz wont let me down, and now I'm even more anxious to see what extended (and no doubt, exhilarating) scenes are going to be shown at the VMAs this Sunday!

Source + Thanks to pattinsonlife
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