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Media Compilation

In an effort to keep both the community organized and the moderators sane, the mods agreed it would be a good idea to compile all of the media-related posts that have come across our community in one post. I will be editing the post as new articles/videos/etc come in, and this can be used to check if the information has already been posted, as well as maybe some reminiscing or whatever. The link will be added to our sidebar and we urge you to please use this (or the tags!) before posting anything.

Media Compilation.Collapse )

Certain posts were left out if 1) the source wasn't linked to (for future reference, please list the source for EVERYTHING you come across), 2) they were really random or 3) I spaced out. If you have any links and/or suggestions that you would like to see added, leave a comment here.

Please note that everything won't be added the minute it comes in, mostly because I'll be fangirling in the post with everyone else, but I'll try my hardest to update it ASAP.

Just to clarify: Everything should still be posted as normal, in separate posts -- those posts will simply be added here for reference.

More coming from us soon.
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