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Media Compilation

In an effort to keep both the community organized and the moderators sane, the mods agreed it would be a good idea to compile all of the media-related posts that have come across our community in one post. I will be editing the post as new articles/videos/etc come in, and this can be used to check if the information has already been posted, as well as maybe some reminiscing or whatever. The link will be added to our sidebar and we urge you to please use this (or the tags!) before posting anything.

Official Sites
The Twilight
The Twilight
Official Youtube Channel

Official Cast Websites
Michael Welch: website | myspace

The Twilight Lexicon
Robert Pattinson:,

★=our official website, so make SURE to add it your bookmarks.

Breaking Dawn
  • Breaking Dawn Page Count
  • Breaking Dawn Questions & Answers
  • Breaking Dawn Release Date
  • Breaking Dawn Excerpt in Eclipse Special Edition
  • Breaking Dawn Promo Poster

  • General Stephenie Media
  • Stephenie's Thoughts on Robert
  • Stephenie on TIME's Most Influential List
  • The Host Excerpt
  • Stephenie Q&A in Hamburg
  • The Host Tour Dates
  • MTV: 'Twilight' Writer Stephenie Meyer Wants Matt Damon For 'Host' Movie, Discusses Her Rabid Fanbase
  • MTV: ‘Twilight’ Author Stephenie Meyer Sees J.K. Rowling As Kindred Spirit
  • Borders: The Host Interview Clips
  • Stephenie Interview w/ Glenn Beck
  • Stephenie on TIME's Influential List

  • The Movie

    Kristen Stewart:
  • Jalouse scans
  • Beach Photo Shoot (Candids)

  • Robert Pattinson:
  • Robert at Hyde video clip
  • The Evening Standard interview + pictures

  • Casting Sides:
    one | two

    Casting Announcements:
  • Kristen Stewart - one | two
  • Robert Pattinson - link
  • Justin Chon - link
  • Anna Kendrick - link
  • Cam Gigandet - link
  • Michael Welch - link
  • Elizabeth Reaser - link
  • Ashley Greene - link
  • Nikki Reed - link
  • Rachelle Lefevre - link
  • Peter Facinelli - link
  • Kellan Lutz - link
  • Jackson Rathbone - link
  • Official Cullen Family Announcement - link
  • Billy Burke - link
  • Taylor Lautner - one | two
  • Christian Serratos - one | two
  • Edi Gathegi - link
  • Sarah Clarke - link
  • Gregory Tyree Boyce - link
  • Solomon Trimble - link
  • Gil Birmingham - link

  • Official Articles/Interviews/Media/Etc
  • MTV: Kristen Stewart Wants A ‘Twilight’ Series That Sucks…In All The Right Ways
  • MTV: 'Twilight' Gives The Green Light To Anna Kendrick, Justin Chon For Book-Turned-Movie
  • Cast Dinner with Stephenie Meyer
  • MTV: 'Twilight' Star Rachelle Lefevre Addresses 'OMG!' Fans, Blog Haters From Book-Turned-Movie's Set"
  • Daily Vanguard: Role in Twilight Lets Student Shine
  • ShockTillYouDrop: Bloodsucking Set Pic from Twilight
  • MTV: MTV interviews Anna Kendrick and asks for vote on Twilight fans' nickname
  • Entertainment Weekly: 7 Days of Entertainment Feature - one | two
  • Cam Gigandet as James
  • The Daily News Online: Crews prep for 'Twilight' filming
  • MTV: 'Twilight' Star Ashley Greene Responds To Books' Fans Who Think She And Her Hair Aren't Short Enough
  • Official Twilight Movie Website Launch
  • Ballet Room Interior Shot
  • Fight Scene Shot
  • Teen Faze - Interview with Justin Chon
  • KGW: Beware of movie 'Vampires' at Madison High
  • ShockTillYouDrop: Producer Talks Future of Twilight Franchise
  • ShockTillYouDrop: Set Report
  • ShockTillYouDrop: Jackson Rathbone with guitar
  • East Valley News: Edward & Bella tree shot
  • Dark Horizons: "Twilight" Set Report by Andrew Sims
  • MTV: "Twilight" Author Stephenie Meyers Shoots Movie Cameo
  • MTV: First Look at Jacob Black | youtube
  • MTV: Nikki Reed & Kellan Lutz on Stephenie's Cameo | youtube | screen captures | downloads
  • MTV: Catherine Hardwicke on Stephenie's Cameo
  • ETOnline: Behind the Scenes Footage | youtube | screen captures | .wmv download | .flv download | tv segment on youtube
  • MTV Segment: 'Twilight' Vampires Hope Movie Sucks ... In All The Right Ways | youtube | screen captures one, two, three | .wmv download
  • - Full Official Cast List
  • - Robert Pattinson: The new tMF's hottest young actor
  • ShockTillYouDrop: Offical Movie Title Art
  • Everglow: Exclusive Movie Stills
  • MTV: Official Twilight Fan Name | youtube | screen captures | .wmv download | .mp4 download
  • MTV: 'Twilight' Set Visit Confirms Edward And Bella's Chemistry, Offers A 'Midnight Sun' Preview
  • AP: Teen vampire-love story `Twilight' being filmed in Oregon
  • AP: Teenage Lust and the Undead in Oregon - AP Set Report | youtube | screen captures | .wmv download
  • FOX 12: 'Twilight' Movie Filming In Portland Area | youtube | screen captures | .wmv download
  • FOX: 'Twilight' Movie Filming In Portland Area - RAW FOOTAGE | .wmv download
  • Seventeen: Set Visit
  • Seventeen: Kristen Stewart Video
  • Seventeen: Behind the Scenes Set Visit
  • MTV: Meet the Characters | youtube | screen captures | screen captures 2 | .wmv download | .avi download
  • MTV: New ‘Twilight’ Footage Goes Behind The Scenes, Fulfills Dreams
  • Meet the Characters Comic-Con Footage
  • Etalk Interview With Robert, Kristen & Rachelle (screencaps, download, youtube in link)
  • MTV: 'Twilight' Stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Turn Up The Heat To Prepare For Love Story | 'Bonding' - youtube (download: here) | 'Praise' - youtube (download: here) | 'Kissing' youtube (download: here) | screen captures
  • Robert Pattinson Composing ‘Bella’s Lullaby’ For ‘Twilight’ Movie | youtube | download | screen captures
  • MSN: Vampires Get Romantic in 'Twilight' | Promo Picture
  • MSN: Set Visit: 'Twilight' Shines on Pattinson
  • MSN: Set Visit: Hardwicke Seduced by 'Twilight'
  • MSN: Set Visit: Vampires Get Romantic in Twilight | Tagless Photo
  • STYD: Exclusive Destruction Photos from the Twilight Set & G4 Video (screencaps, download, youtube in link)
  • "'Twilight' Stars Answer Fans' Burning Questions (screencaps, download, youtube in link
  • Greetings From Twilight: Behind the Scenes
  • ReelzChannel: Interviews
  • MTV Canada: E2 On The Set (screencaps, download, youtube in link)
  • G4: Second Part/Interview with Robert
  • Cinematical: New Promo Picture
  • Twilight Trailer: Trailer (youtube, screen caps, etc in link) | 1080 HD version
  • MTV: 'Twilight' Trailer Shot By Shot
  • MTV: New Twilight Poster | High Quality
  • Seventeen: Rob attempts to say hello
  • Interview with Wyck Godfrey

  • Fansite Interviews/Media/Etc
  • Twilight Moms - Interview with Ashley Greene
  • Twilight Moms - Interview with Peter Facinelli
  • Twilight Moms - Pictures of the baseball field & Cullen cars
  • Set photos by Kiz
  • Twilight Moms - Set Pictures @ Kalama
  • Car Crash Clips
  • Twilight Moms - Set Pictures @ Kalama pt.2
  • Twilight Moms - Set Pictures @ Kalama pt.3
  • Twilight Moms - Cullen House
  • Set photos by Kiz pt.2
  • Set photos by Amy Howe
  • Twilight Moms - Set Pictures @ Kalama pt.4
  • Set photos by lauramcd5
  • Twilight Moms - View Point Inn
  • Twilight Series Theories - Interview with Kellan Lutz
  • Twilight Vinculum - Kristen Stewart with brown contacts
  • Twilight Moms - Set Pictures pt. 5
  • Twilight Vinculum - Ashley Greene
  • Twilight Series Theories - Interview with Peter Facinelli
  • Twilight Moms - Set Pictures pt. 6
  • Set photos by Curious-Kitten
  • Twilight Moms - Set Pictures pt. 7
  • Taylor Lautner & Solomon Trimble
  • Twilight Moms - Set Pictures pt. 8 (Swan residence)
  • Twilight Moms - Set Pictures pt. 9 | pt. 10
  • Robert Photos by _____?
  • Twilight Moms - Set Pictures pt. 11
  • - Robert & his Doubles
  • Robert & Kristen with fans
  • Twilight Moms - Interview with Edi Gathegi
  • Twilight Vinculum - Set Photos
  • Twilight Vinculum - Robert & Kristen On Set Video
  • Twilight Teens - Set Photos
  • Twilight Moms - Interview with Kellan Lutz
  • Twilight Moms - Set Pictures pt. 12
  • Set Photos by kristaraxgirl (imdb)
  • Twilight Lexicon - Interview with Lana Veenker (Casting Director)
  • Twilight Moms - Set Pictures pt. 13
  • Twilight Moms - Set Pictures pt. 14
  • Twilight Lexicon: Interview with Michael Welch
  • Twilight Moms: Bloated Toad & Dress Shop Pictures
  • SquallingonSquam: Set Photos
  • Lexicon: Jackson Rathbone Interview
  • IMDB Fan: Kristen & Billy Burke On Set
  • Christar: "La Push" Set Photos
  • Twilight Series Theories: "Port Angeles Set Photos/Report
  • Port Angeles Videos
  • Twilight Moms: Set Visit with Peter and Robert
  • Twilight Moms: "Arizona" Set Photos
  • Twilight Moms: Jackson, Ashley & Peter On Set
  • Twilight Teens: Set Photos
  • Twilight Moms: Kellan Biting Fans/Set Photos
  • Twilight Moms: Set Photos in Valencia
  • Twilight Moms: Twilight Baby
  • Twilight Moms: Set Photos

  • Other
  • Ashley Greene with Jackson Rathbone and Kellan Lutz
  • Kellan Lutz Wearing Topaz Contacts
  • Kellan Lutz Wearing Topaz Contacts pt.2
  • Michael Welch Myspace Blog
  • Ashley Greene Vision Profile

  • Certain posts were left out if 1) the source wasn't linked to (for future reference, please list the source for EVERYTHING you come across), 2) they were really random or 3) I spaced out. If you have any links and/or suggestions that you would like to see added, leave a comment here.

    Please note that everything won't be added the minute it comes in, mostly because I'll be fangirling in the post with everyone else, but I'll try my hardest to update it ASAP.

    Just to clarify: Everything should still be posted as normal, in separate posts -- those posts will simply be added here for reference.

    More coming from us soon.
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