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TM interview with Kellan

TM: Hi Kellan! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today!

Kellan: Thanks for having me!!! Please BEAR with me, I'm a bit slow with the keys.

TM: I hear you are into extreme sports. What is the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done? Which was your favorite?

Kellan: I Love scuba Diving! It is the most extreme sport out there to me, and if you haven'd tried it yet, it is way more scary then bungee jumping or sky diving! You just feel the rush of Life or Death when you are a 100 feet below the surface swimming with all type of sea creatures as well as trying to keep your composure with your breathing. Because one false move and you could black out from the pressure intake and well you know the rest... My favorite place to Scuba is off the coast of Tofo in Mozambique, the whale sharks and manta rays are a breathtaking sight to see especially swim with.

TM: What do you think of the huge fan base – including us “older” fans? Did you have any idea what you were getting yourself into?

Kellan: Haha I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Especially the fun fans and supporters who come out to set and play football with little old me and can actually throw a spiral. I never really knew how big this movie was going to get with all the fans and frankly still am surprised at all the support. It’s truly amazing and I feel so blessed to be apart of this project and we all are truly blessed to have such awesome fans at TWILIGHTMOMS.

TM: What's on your ipod? Does your music taste have a wide range? What is the most surprising song on your ipod?

Kellan: I am actually a PC guy so no iPod for me sad face haha, but i do have a Zune player which is 80 gb and well I have about 10Million songs on it and a 100 different artists so I keep my ears pretty busy trying to listen to each and every one of them. I really like the beats to music more than anything. I listen to a lot of different types of music, so it just matters what kind of mood I am in, from working out to painting, from cleaning my place to playing with my dog at the park. My favorite bands are: Modest Mouse, Citizen Cope, 2-pac, Blue Man Group, Blue October, Chevelle, Coheed and Cambria, Damian Marley, Dilated Peoples, God Lives Underwater, Incubus, Jack Johnson, Lupe Fiasco, Matisyahu, Nickelback, OneRepublic, Orgy, A Perfect Circle, The Postal Service, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Until June.

TM: Tell us about any upcoming projects you are working on or will be working on.

Kellan: Well let’s all cross our fingers on this one, I'm really excited for this project that will shoot in Pennsylvania and it’s mine but a couple of the days that I still have on Twilight sort of conflict so we are in the process of trying to make it all work out, and if we do then I fly out next week to rehearse and then come back finish Twilight and then the next day back to Pennsylvania to start shooting. It’s an awesome Independent so I really hope I get to do it and everything works out.

TM: How are you this morning? Do you have the day off?

Kellan: Ya I actually have a couple days off, so I am here in Iowa hanging out with my Grand parents at the farm for a little R and R plus it was my Grandma's 70th birthday and I haven't had time to come to the farm in years. I love it here.

TM: What are you filming today? Any scenes with you? You and Nikki look great together btw!

Kellan: No filming today, I wish! I love working on this project and hanging out with everyone on and off set. Thanks for the comment about Nikki and myself. She is great and we have a lot of fun onset messing around with the other cast.

TM: In your best Emmett impression, describe Kellan Lutz

Kellan: Gggggrrrrrrrrr that boy is always hungry Grrrr....

TM: What is your favorite thing about being an actor?

Kellan: I have a lot of favorites, mainly the traveling!!! That is why I prefer filming movies versus Television. TV you could be stuck somewhere for years if the show does well enough, but movies shoot everywhere, and that is sort of a big selling point for picking projects... where is it shooting! I also love being able to be a completely different person in roles from one extreme to the next. Plus all the cool stunt work I am able to do if they have stunts for me.

TM: What have you been doing to "buff up" for the part of Emmett? ...or are you just naturally that... um... built?

Kellan: 3 words...Protein, Protein, Protein! Ha-ha and yes I eat 16 eggs a day for breakfast, and I actually like it. Its a diet I got on while I was in Africa filming my previous project Generation Kill, were I played a marine, and well it was 30 other guys and myself and all we did all day was eat and work out. I'm still in that mode in a way and try and hit the gym as much as I can to bulk up more for Emmett. Dr. Cullen is always in the gym. Ha-ha inside joke.

TM: What do you do to mentally prepare for "ACTION!"? Do you channel a certain image or inspiration?

Kellan: I sort of just draw back to my child hood when my older brothers would pick on me and I would snap into Krazy Kellan and end up beating them up, I don't know where it comes from but I get to a point were this inner strength comes out and I really let loose and feel no pain until afterwards. That ability definitely helped when I played football and played games with fractured bones without realizing or feeling the pain until after the game was won and over. No pain All to Gain!

TM: Okay, Kellan.....spill it!! You look like a prankster....are you the "Cast Clown"??

Kellan: Well, someone has to lighten up the set when things aren't going right. ha-ha Ya I love life way to much and acting doesn't feel like a job to me or work at all, its all fun and games when the camera is off. Peter and I mess with the cast and crew all the time, he is my sidekick! ha-ha He is going to hate that one! ha-ha

TM: What are you enjoying most about making the Twilight movie?

Kellan: I have many goals as an actor as far as what roles would be a dream to be able to play and a vampire is or should I saw was at the top of the list. I have always wanted to play one before, and I am extremely lucky to play one in such an amazing project versus some cheesy vampire horror movie were Kool-Aid is used as blood.

TM: What movies are you looking forward to seeing this summer?

Kellan: O My Gosh… there is this amazing movie coming out this Friday called Prom Night, it just looks soooooooooooo amazing!!! I can’t wait to see it. haha I had to, come on now . haha Actually I can’t wait for Iron Man to come out. I'm a die hard Marvel fan and DC fan and I love all those comic book character movies! Downey is going to kick some serious tail as Iron Man. He is one of my favorite actors.

TM: I promised my daughter I'd ask... In the book, Emmett’s curly hair and dimples were what drew Rosalie to save him from the bear attack. Many fans were excited that they cast an actor with curls and dimples and a little surprised to see the buzz. We are all speculating the buzz comes from filming Generation Kill. Can you confirm this?

What was it like filming a military film?

Kellan: Yes I know!!! I wanted to apologize to all the Emmett fans out there about that... I was actually trying to give myself a haircut, you know a little trim job on the curls and well my dog Kola jumped on me and I ended up shaving a big chunk of hair off my head, so I had to shave it all and even it out!!! I'm sorry! It’s all my fault... haha man I wish that was true, that would have been an awesome story but I probably would have been fired for it.

Yes, the reason for the short hair is because of Generation Kill and I had a buzz cut for my role of Jason Lilley. I really wanted my curls back for Emmett and Twilight but my hair just didn’t grow fast enough to get the ringlets back. Sorry again. I really wanted my hair back as well, but don't worry I put my hair in TIME OUT for not growing fast enough.

TM: How are Emmett and Edward so close even though they're so different?

Kellan: The best way to explain this is to go to Stephenie Meyer's site and read her out takes about Emmett and the Bear. I loved it. I really wish it was in the actual book, because it shows a lot about Emmett and Edwards relationship, and I learned a lot from reading it for it helped me establish the kind of relationship I wanted to portray between Rob and myself on screen.

TM: You do your own stunts?

Kellan: I try to do as many as possible and I usually have to show the producers what I can do and how I won’t get hurt doing them first. I love stunt work and doing my own stunts. It's funny, my stunt double Seth said to me one day..."Why am I even here?" which he was referring to me doing all the stunts he was supposed to do. I just figure the more face time on camera the better, and I would rather have it be the real me then them blurring out Seth's face as Emmett.

TM: Who are your role models? Your acting inspirations?

Kellan: My mother, she works her butt off and puts everyone else’s needs in front of her own. At one time she took care of six of us boys while I was growing up!!! Now that’s a chore and a half. My mother is an amazing person.

Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio are my biggest Role models because of everything they do outside of the industry!

TM: Have you been obsessed with anything before? We Twilight freaks wonder how normal it is to be this obsessed with these books!

Kellan: I have many obsessions! Mainly candy haha as well as wild cats like Snow Leopards, Lions, Tigers, all of them, I used to have so many statues around my room growing up as well as stuffed animals. I still have my childhood favorite stuffed animal in my room now in Los Angeles. He is a Snow Leopard named Sugar Loaf. Funny story with the name. I actually won him in one of those crane arcade game that you move around and drop to pick up a stuffed animal. This was around the time when Beanie Babies were blowing up and so I thought every stuffed animals name was on the tag, so I looked for it and the tag said Sugar Loaf. I was like, hmm that’s a strange name for a Snow Leopard but I didn't want to change it and hurt his feelings. Five minutes later I won a clown fish out of the same machine and I looked for his name and it was also Sugar Loaf... and I thought to myself, okay now that is weird. Long story short I found out that the tag actually wasn't the animals name but the actual manufacture name, but I kept it anyways for the Leopard. I am a dork I know.

TM: I've always wondered about you/Emmett being changed! Do you think it was right for Carlisle to Change Emmett under those circumstances? I always felt that they all benefited greatly that Emmett HAPPENED to become Rosalie's soul mate. Nobody could have guaranteed that that would happen!

Kellan: Emmett feels blessed for becoming a vampire since he was so close to death and sees Rosalie and Dr. Cullen as his angels.

TM: So, where exactly do you fall in your family? You have 6 brothers, 1 sister? I've heard you are oldest, you are in the middle, and that you and Brit are the youngest. They all can't be true! What was is like growing up in a big family?

Kellan: I come from a mixed family and am smack dab right in the middle of them all. I have 3 older brothers and 3 younger brothers, and Brittany is my little only sister. Growing up was tough especially living with step brothers but we made it work out. My mother had 6 boys in the house at one time and wow did we all eat and learn to eat fast. Our favorite thing to eat was good old casseroles which made it easy on our mom. Even though it would take her an hour to make it was gone in 5 minutes. Seriously 5 minutes! I loved growing up with such a big family filled with boys, I really don't know what I would have done if I was an only child.

TM: How did you decide to audition for the role of Emmett? Were you nervous? How do you get over nerves at auditions?

Kellan: Well to be honest I LOVE AUDITIONING! They are a lot of fun, and about the nerves, I don't really get to nervous about the auditions, I just hate the traffic getting to the appointments. Los Angeles drivers are what get my nerves going. I loved the script of Twilight and really wanted to audition for Emmett, and as luck would have it I got the part. Thank you so much Stephenie and Catherine, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for those special women.

TM: What do you like to do for fun while you have some down time in Portland?

Kellan: I love to eat, so what I do for fun since I don't have a car to drive around with up there in Portland, and since they won’t let me snowboard on my days off, which is such a tease with all the great peaks up there is I try all the cool restaurants. Man there are so many on every corner and I love them all. Especially all the steak restaurants.

TM: Do you have a favorite book/movie?

Kellan: My favorite book is WILD AT HEART, I read it while I was in Africa and it really opened my eyes. I'm also strangely obsessed with John Grisham, his books are amazing and I have read probably everyone due to how great of a thriller they all are, I can never seem to put them down.

TM: What is your favorite Twilight moment?

Kellan: Flying out to Oregon and doing the final audition to book Emmett for Catherine, since she was up there already prepping, and having finished my audition, having her saying, " You’re My Perfect Emmett, You’re In!" Made my whole year! She is quite an amazing person and director!

TM: Can you share some fun things that have happened while filming...things that might end up as outtakes or bloopers?

Kellan: I bet that everything I do on camera will be on the bloopers haha. You guys will probably see No Emmett in the movie but ALL EMMETT in the Bloopers.

Thank you TwilightMoms for allowing me to come on and chat with you guys and I hope to do it again real soon. I have to run and take my Grandma to the doctor for her check up and then I will probably go fishing with my grandpa. Thank you all, and I know some people have had a hard time finding an address to send Ashley and myself stuff to and I thought I would post our Agency address here for you all, and I know they will send us what they get in every other week.. Thanks for the chat. Love you all!

Innovative Artist
Att: Ryan Daly and Kellan Lutz
1505 10th street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Emmett ( Kellan Lutz)

Thanks to the Twilight Moms! [link]
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